1. G

    Eye Question

    Dont have a pic right now bc my little fella just went to bed. I was just checking on him to make sure he was okay and i noticed that he was in his lower half of the cage. about a week and a half ago his eye was swollen then the next morning it was gone and it hasnt come back. When i was...
  2. millerman6401

    shedding problem (ball python)

    My snake Taj is having troubles shedding completely. Whenever it is time for him to shed he sheds in small patches and never in a full body shed. The dead skin also gets stuck on his body, I leave a large bowl of water for him to soak in but it never seems to help. So far I've had to bath him...
  3. sibeers

    Shedding problem

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - 1 year old Veiled. Had her for a year. Handling - Handled once to twice a week. Feeding - Mostly crickets. 6-8 a day. feeding them flukers orange cubes Watering - Mist King system with one nozzle misting 6 times a day for 45 seconds at a time. she will drink...
  4. Poorly Tale

    Poorly Tale

  5. Left Eye Trobule Pics

    Left Eye Trobule Pics

    Had trouble with his left eye for one week. Use Terramycin for a few days and it looks like it is clearing/opening up.
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