1. All About Chameleon P**p!

    All About Chameleon P**p!

    !!!SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, COMMENT!!! Don't forget to watch this video in HD!! Hi everyone this is a video is all about .. you guessed it, CHAMELEON P00P. I hope th...
  2. Chris78

    Veiled Cham hasn't pooped in some time !

    My Cham hasn't pooped in some time now, I am thinking weeks. He also just hangs out in one spot of his cage, he seems sluggish, not to much basking as of late, he will come down and eat though. I made it a point to briefly pick though the leaves of his cage decor, just to make sure hes not...
  3. MeruJack

    Poop or Oreo Cookies?

    Okay experienced feeder breeders, I just received a shipment of 200 large silkworms. There are eight containers with 25 silkworms in each one. In each container there is a lot of brown stuff that looks like Oreo cookie crumbs. Please don't tell me that those cookie crumbs are actually silkworm...
  4. Galaxy

    Poop question: Moth eggs?

    So, my brat decided to leave me a treat in his feeding cup. I was extremely alarmed at first, thinking some horrible creature was dwelling in my Cham's digestive tract. But then came to the realization that yesterday I had fed him some silkworm moths and that these eggs would most likely be...
  5. EpicWin

    Picky Pooper

    Hey everyone! So I have a super awesome blue bar ambilobe panther and he's really healthy, drinks lots of water (I don't see him drink, but his urates are perfect white), eats normally... The ONE quirk I have noticed with Heisenberg is, he will NOT poop in his cage. Like, EVER. And if he does...
  6. ferretinmyshoes

    Chameleon Poop 101

    One way we can monitor the health of our chameleons is monitoring their bowel movements (poop) for any problems. To be able to identify problems, first you need to be able to recognize what is or is not normal. There are two parts to a bowel movement in chameleons - a brown part (feces) and a...
  7. J

    Orange/bloody poop??

    Your Chameleon - Panther, Male, i think 5-7months, ive had it for a month Handling - everyday 10-15minutes depending on mood Feeding - Crickets gutloaded with carrots, and superworms Supplements - Dust with calcium without d3 everyday, and d3 once a week, same with multi V Watering - I water...
  8. SweetHeart


    are the wax worms and stuff supposed to come out looking a lot like they did when they went in?
  9. ReptiGeek

    Sperm plug or? Help!

    Hello everyone, first off, happy new years to you all! Now down to business. This morning Gizmo (veiled chameleon approximately 4.5 months old) went potty, and it was very clean and regular (brown poop, white calcium deposit, yellow urinate). However an hour or two later I noticed what...
  10. OfficialChameleon

    Runny Urate! Help!

    Hey Guys! My veiled cham, is having some runny urate, he has had this for the last 3 times he has pooped. I posted pictures, the bown part of his poop looks healthy, and his urate IS white, but its runny! Please help...
  11. dirklance

    Poop Shoot?

    Soooo.... Today I decided to take some pictures of Gordon to document his growth (or lack there of). My wife and I both feel like he is barely growing, so we wanted to do some comparisons. Anyways... I get him on the ruler, and he instantly looks uncomfortable, and starts shifting and...
  12. Echoezra

    How often Should they poop?

    So I'm wondering how often should they be pooping?
  13. Echoezra

    New guy's poop (finally) - bloody urate??

    Okay, so I finally decided to disturb my new guy Zaphod again and did a little cage tidying and plant moving last night. I was getting worried about not having seen any poop from him yet (it's been a week since I got him) but I just assumed there was some poop but it was just hidden in the...
  14. B

    What is this?!

    Hey all! I just walked by my chams cage, and found this thing hanging from the tip of a branch. What is it?? It's gooey and kinda looks like some sort of egg or something to me. I've included a picture of the 'thing', my cham Wilson, and his cage. Heres a more detailed description: As...
  15. littleliz

    Eggy mess

    My cham has been restless wandering all over the viv for a few days now which usually means that she is looking for a mate/expecting eggs. I have put her laying bin in the viv for her. She has layed eggs before with no major problems. She has never been mated. This morning I noticed in the place...

    Poop quetion for Adult Male Panther

    Hello, I just recently got a male panther and he is very chill, and eats well, and loves to be sprayed in the mouth (so he drinks). Yesterday I smelled the worst (and only) chameleon crap I've ever smelled. It was horrible. Luckily he was outside. I took a picture of it before I cleaned it...
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