1. ReptiGeek

    Archer's Side Portrait

    Personally I think Archer is starting to look a lot like Naboo. That being said, at 8 months Naboo had much more colour than Archer has now. Oh, I would also like to finally inform you all what locales Archer is. He was purchased as a Nosy Faly, but after a few short weeks I could tell he...
  2. B

    Why are ambilobe chameleons less expensive than other Panther chameleons?

    I myself have a nosy ankarea and was wondering why a nosy ankarea is more expensive than an ambilobe because ambilobe chameleons have more color?
  3. Chameleons Northwest

    Two Handsome Nosy Faly Males for sale or trade

    We have these 2 handsome Nosy Faly males for sale or trade. We have had them for 3 months now. They are wild caught and are completely acclimated to cage life. They are feasting on large crickets, buttterworms, and medium roaches. They have been treated with Reptaid and their fecals have been...
  4. Snoopy


    Whatcha lookin at??
  5. 4-5 Month Nosy Be Male

    4-5 Month Nosy Be Male

    My Nosy Be, Blue
  6. Juvenile Nosy Be Panther Chameleon

    Juvenile Nosy Be Panther Chameleon

    This is a Wild speciemen photographed in Madagascar.
  7. Blue Steel

    Blue Steel

    Egon pauses from exploring to give his "Blue Steel" look.
  8. Daphne Hanging Out

    Daphne Hanging Out

    This is my Nosy Be Female daphne
  9. Nosy Faly Gun

    Nosy Faly Gun

    My year old Nosy Faly Aqua Fresh fired up like a gun
  10. Gumby!  F1 Nosy Mitsio

    Gumby! F1 Nosy Mitsio

    My oldest Nosy Mitsio
  11. "blue Steel"

    "blue Steel"

    Egon pauses to give his "blue steel" look.
  12. Oscar!


    Oscar is a 5-7 month old Nosy Be panther chameleon. He has a great personality, always very interesting to watch him.
  13. Randall Relaxing

    Randall Relaxing

    My 3.5 month old Panther Chameleon
  14. Hendershot Showing Off His Spring Colors

    Hendershot Showing Off His Spring Colors

    Hendershot outside enjoying a warm Spring afternoon.
  15. Spring Awaits

    Spring Awaits

    Our Nosy Faly Baby!
  16. Toph


    2 month old Nosy Faly female just arriving home.
  17. Blue Out For A Walk

    Blue Out For A Walk

    I have my chams walk and sun themselves outside on my front porch. The large openings in the fence provide a great space for that, plus they can't interact because of the vertical poles in between.
  18. Pascal


    Who's going to blink first?
  19. Akuma Nosy Be

    Akuma Nosy Be

    This is my Akuma nearly 6 years old
  20. Nosy Mitsio Starting To Fire Up

    Nosy Mitsio Starting To Fire Up

    This is my oldest Nosy Mitsio about 9 months old. He is starting to get some very pretty colors!
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