1. torquasprings

    Welcome home, Kivuli!

    I'm so excited/grateful to have been given the rare opportunity to welcome another Kinyongia Matschiei into my home! She hails from Chad's Malachite lineage, and is such a freakin' stunner! I'm so grateful to her previous owner who has taken such great care of her... it truly shows. Yes...
  2. torquasprings

    My baby, Ghubari. :)

    Hello, all! I just thought I'd finally try posting a pic on the forum to test out how it's done. This is my baby k. Matschiei boy named Ghubari (it means, 'Raincloud' in Swahili. This is one of the languages spoken where his species originates). He's one of Chad's babies from the Dresden...
  3. CNorton

    K. Matschiei Eggs- Malachite & Alba

    I've finally gotten around to documenting this clutch laid on June 19, 2010. Tylene (ponders) was gracious enough to mate her veteran male named Malachite to my female, Alba. You can read more at this thread; The Copulation. After about 6 weeks and nearly 20 grams of egg weight, Alba...
  4. CNorton

    Bella - My female Giant Fischer's

    Here's Bella enjoying her new home in northern California. My wife and I moved and it has proven to be a good decision because look what the chams can enjoy now! She has fattened up really quickly since March 17 when she laid 26 infertile eggs. She is my most friendly chameleon. Happy-go-lucky...
  5. CNorton

    K Matschiei Female Lays!

    K Matschiei = Matschie's Two-horned Chameleo = East Usambara Two-horned Chameleon = Monkey-tailed Fischer's Chameleon = Giant Fischer's Chameleon I got Bella from a petstore down in San Diego. Yes, the one Kent visits from time to time! The shipment of Giant Fischer's that came in June '09...
  6. CNorton

    Keeping Kinyongias

    I recently lost a WC Kinyongia Matschiei that appeared to have died by either parasites or some other unknown reason. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions from experience keepers that are familiar with Multituberculata Fischeri, Matschiei, Tavetanum, Tenue, Uthmoelleri, or even those...
  7. Jolly Green Giant

    Jolly Green Giant

  8. Kinyongia Matschiei

    Kinyongia Matschiei

    CB Kinyongia matschiei
  9. Dresden Walking

    Dresden Walking

    Out for a stroll
  10. Dresden Skin1

    Dresden Skin1

    K. Matschiei Male WC
  11. Kinyongia Matschiei

    Kinyongia Matschiei

    my "Hoernchen" looking out of the window
  12. Dresden 2631

    Dresden 2631

  13. Dresden 2640

    Dresden 2640

  14. Dresden 2639

    Dresden 2639

  15. Dresden 2632

    Dresden 2632

  16. Dresden 2638

    Dresden 2638

  17. Kinyongia matschiei taking a sunbath

    Kinyongia matschiei taking a sunbath

    Our male K.matschie
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