1. Jay Sick

    3 1/2 month old Jacksonii jacksonii for sale

    CB male ambilobe ybbb/rbrb 3 month old listed is lineage grand father, father, and father on mothers side this guy is gonna be amazing. $175 plus ship 973 563 9097 also have a female same age available
  2. Jay Sick

    $200 True Kenyan Jackson Females

    2 beautiful Female kenyan Jacksons chameleon one is prego. Been here 2 months eating very well. Remember these are not Hawaiian these are from kenya you will do good if you breed to other true kenyans fresh wc blood. Take both for $150 plus ship . 973 563 9097
  3. Taji Msitu Mungu

    Taji Msitu Mungu

    Taji Msitu Mungu, means 'Crowned Forest God' in Swahili. 4.5 month old Jackson's chameleon.
  4. LLLReptile

    Mellers, oustalett's, jacksons, and baby panthers all in stock!

    Currently available list of Chameleons Baby CB Veiled Chameleons 3 - 4" $39.99 each Video Small CB Veiled Chameleons 4.5" - 6.5" $49.99 each Medium CB Veiled Chameleons 9 - 11" $59.99 males / $65.99 females Video Sub Adult Male Veiled Chameleons 12 - 14" $89.99 each Adult...
  5. J

    Can you sex my 3 jacksonii jacksonii please

    Hi. I know j.jacksonii can be hard to sex when young as both males and females have 3 horns. I asked for 3 females knowing they are hard to sex at this age (around 4 months) but I think the first is a male...... What do you guys think? Suspected male? I think female. and the 3rd...
  6. J

    how do you Sex baby t.j.jacksonii?

    Xanth females generally have no horns and meru females generally have none or one. But t.j.jacksonii females have 3 so I have researched how to tell males and females apart as babies and can not get a good answer. At what age are males horns obviously bigger than the females? Can they be...
  7. J

    Which type of jackson is this male and female?

    Ok. Thank you to Chris Anderson for answering my last thread, hope he or someone else can answer this for me. There is a guy selling a breeding pair of Mt meru Jackson chameleons. Looking at the photos im convinced that the male is a Jacksonii jacksonii not a jacksonii merumontanus. The...
  8. J

    Anybody owening/ breeding Jacksonii Merumontanus in Europe?

    Anybody owning dwarf/ mt meru Jackson chameleons in Europe? Would love to get some soon if anybody will have some available. Maybe at Hamm in September or November. I'm in the UK and there seems to be nobody owning them!
  9. Mt. Kenya Jacksonii

    Mt. Kenya Jacksonii

    growth record
  10. Mt. Kenya Jacksonii

    Mt. Kenya Jacksonii

    Growth record
  11. Mt. Kenya Jacksonii

    Mt. Kenya Jacksonii

    Growth record
  12. M.t Kenya Jacksonii

    M.t Kenya Jacksonii

    Growth record
  13. Kinyongia Tenue

    Kinyongia Tenue

  14. Kinyongia Oxyrhina Baby

    Kinyongia Oxyrhina Baby

  15. Kinyongia Oxyrhina

    Kinyongia Oxyrhina

  16. Trioceros Jacksonii Merumontanus

    Trioceros Jacksonii Merumontanus

  17. My Chameleons

    My Chameleons

    The different species of chameleon i have.
  18. Namibia


  19. Wc Male Jacksonii

    Wc Male Jacksonii

  20. You Can Do It!

    You Can Do It!

    The one and only
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