1. dirklance

    Gordon in action!

    I was playing around with a burst photo app on my phone today. Cool app, turned out pretty good. You can set the frame rate, etc. So obviously I tested it out while Gordon was eating breakfast this morning. =)
  2. dirklance

    Ever wonder if Waxworms and Mealworms can co-habitate??

    They can't. Haha. I learned this the hard way. I always have a few "treat" items handy for Gordon. So once a week he gets a mealworm, sometimes twice a week. Last week I decided to get a few waxworms to mix up his weekly treat. Without hesitation I just put them in with the mealworms...
  3. dirklance

    Reptile Boarding around Vancouver, BC

    Hello All, I just wanted to post a review of sorts. This past weekend my wife and I went to Banff for almost a week and we decided to bring Gordon (our Nosy Be) to a local reptile boarding place while we were gone. At first, I was really nervous about letting someone else take care of my...
  4. dirklance

    Poop Shoot?

    Soooo.... Today I decided to take some pictures of Gordon to document his growth (or lack there of). My wife and I both feel like he is barely growing, so we wanted to do some comparisons. Anyways... I get him on the ruler, and he instantly looks uncomfortable, and starts shifting and...
  5. dirklance

    Gordon's first shed (with us!)

    Hello All, So I decided to take a random day off work yesterday. It turned out to be a great day to take off because my wife changed her flight back from Edmonton to be in the morning, so I could pick her up and hang out for the day. The other reason it turned out to be a good day to pick...
  6. dirklance

    Hello Everyone!

    OK... So I've been creeping around these forums for weeks. Nerding out, researching, and harrassing a few members like crazy (Brock and Marty mostly). I've decided to finally introduce myself and my new little guy. We (my wife and I) picked up Gordon (aka. The Gordonculous One) from Brock...
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