1. Apollo is.... already picking up hoes

    Apollo is.... already picking up hoes

    We have tiny gardening tools that we set in our plants. He didn't mind it.
  2. Lathis

    Celebrity Doppleganger - Who Are You?

    Not necessarily which celebrity you look like... but more like what celebrity or TV/movie character would best describe you to someone who has never met you in person? Me: I'm a delightfully insufferable combination of Dwight Shrute and Sheldon Cooper with an unfortunate "Eldon Henson"...
  3. Lathis

    I'm in a weird mood

    Submitted without further comment.
  4. jcarlsen

    Doodle from my Girlfriend

    So, one thing I should mention is that both my girlfriend and I are animators, so we have fun doodling things. She's been very amused with how Jasper walks, trying to imitate the leaves, so she made this:
  5. Lathis

    Exclusive secret photos from Ferdistan

    Ferdistan is a secretive caliphate bordered on the east by Lathisland and on the west by the Great Back Alley Sea. A defensive aluminum screen/plastic mesh border between the two countries has been a disagreement for nearly three years, but the two countries remain permanently diplomatically...
  6. Lathis

    "Don't cha learn THAT the hard way..."

    I'll get us started... Scenario: I'm walking to class today, umbrella in one hand (it's pouring), coffee cup and cell phone in the other hand. Cell phone buzzes, so I twist my hand to look at the screen, dumping my coffee all over me. This is not even the first time I have done this exact...
  7. Reptar729

    Reptar striking a pose

    My veiled was sitting with his little foot on his knee so i started taking pictures and he "smiled" for the camera :D [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
  8. Lathis

    Lathis's Unecessary Rants About Useless Topics

    I'll get us started with a few oldies but goodies that everyone who knows me has had to hear multiple times. The American Penny: When can we please eliminate single cent currency from modern commerce? You know what you can buy with a penny - a big steamy pile of freaking nothing! It's just...
  9. Lathis

    This is for Junglefries...

    The hubby and I just got home from a weekend get away. We open the door to the house, and there are blue bottle flies EVERYWHERE. Hubby: What did you do??? Me: How is this my fault?!? (It totally is my fault, btw.) :D
  10. F

    funny story

    My boyfriend called me at work yesterday to tell me that our lovely female panther got out of her cage because one of us left it open. Well, she escaped and went on an adventure. I thought for sure my dog ate her after being gone for about 4 hours. Anyway, I was coming to grips with the...
  11. MadiiMcMB

    Funny Thing Happened, Question?

    :eek: Well, today I tried hand-feeding my little Milton some wax worms, and all was fine and fun and games, until he missed and his tongue got stuck to my finger. He couldn't pull his tongue off, so he reeled himself in like reverse fishing, and snap! He latched onto my finger! My questions...
  12. Syn

    Amazon's favorite fake reviews.

    I better not be a week later on this one, too. Had to share. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.
  13. cswan19

    Thought this was funny, had to post

    I saw this online and it made me laugh :)
  14. studio2eight

    Poker Face

    LOL :D
  15. OfficialChameleon

    Funny - Tropical Hibiscus Trimming

    Hey Guys! So I made this new oak enclosure for my veiled cham, and the plant in it is a tropical hibiscus, I chose this plant because it is safe for chams to eat, I've seen him eat a few leaves.. But when I looked in his enclosure and saw that most of the soft, green stems were all gone and...
  16. Goldenarcher1328

    Dedication. How dedicated are you?

    Well, just made myself some chicken for dinner, Walking past my reptile room i saw my two little buddies, ( my tegu's ) had turned their noses up at the food i had prepared for them. Needless to say i took that food and gave it to my clean up crew ( a 40 breeder fishtank with Bichirs). The...
  17. Ethen44

    Hilarious Pic!

    Lars attempting to be the new Sobe Lizard haha! He managed to do this by himself while I was distracted by cleaning his cage. :D
  18. Rango


    Little guy doing a split
  19. Reach For The Stars..

    Reach For The Stars..

    Beldar, 2 week old Veiled Chameleon, has seen the light and wants it all for himself.
  20. Sarcasm


    Veileds and their personality
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