Dedication. How dedicated are you?


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Well, just made myself some chicken for dinner, Walking past my reptile room i saw my two little buddies, ( my tegu's ) had turned their noses up at the food i had prepared for them.

Needless to say i took that food and gave it to my clean up crew ( a 40 breeder fishtank with Bichirs). The event of the night you ask? I sat down and dined with my two tegus! haha i shared my dinner and then they decided to warm themselves on my lap! Cuties!

Haha ( don't worry no oils or anything like that was used in the cooking of my dinner.)

:rolleyes: thought i'd share!


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Tegus rock!

I moved mine this afternoon into a cooler location as they have been hibernating since the last of September and the room they were in was warming up a bit. Not long now till I can move them outdoors to wake up for spring!
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