1. L

    help!!please give me some info, and advise..

    my female panther is a little over 2 years old, she was mated with my 8 month old ambanja, a while back , since then she laid her first clutch of eggs(as she has never laid any eggs prior) anyhow those eggs were laid 6 weeks after mating, and i assumed they were fertile, until i learned that...
  2. J

    kinyongia Boehmei eggs! Fertile?

    1 of my girls laid these today. Any thought on if they look fertile. I'm expecting them to be :-) And pic of mum before laying
  3. chamcrazy

    Look what I woke up to! 65 eggs!!!

    Her 1st clutch and she layed 65 eggs??? Whew! Most look pretty healthy to me, but I am not an expert by any means. Most are bright white, a few with a dingy yellowish color but no dents. So do they look healthy to you? When will I be able tell if they are fertile by seeing veins when...
  4. SoCaliSon

    Don't know how to word this title...

    Possibly infertile Clutch...Mate Her? Okay... Well my Female Nosy Be that was having the eye issues is doing a lot better, and her eyes are no longer closing. This morning I noticed that she was displaying some darker colors than her normal Peachy shade, and her gut was looking kind of...
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