1. ChameLIonLover

    Using old possibly infested w/parasites plants

    Hi guys, I have 2 pothos, 1 schefflera, 1 hibiscus and 1 bromeliad that I used to have in my old cages before I learned that my cham had coccidia. I realize these plants and their soil could have been the cause of the parasites. Can i repurpose these plants as plants for outdoor/indoor free...
  2. ChameLIonLover

    Cleaning Enclosure and Plants w/ chemicals for Coccidia

    Hi guys, I am going to be cleaning my chams cage as well as plants tomorrow to rid it of coccidia. I heard of peroxide being used, but what type exactly is best? For the plants, I was going to buy new pothos and ficus or schefflera, clean them up really well with dish soap, rinse them, and repot...
  3. Rufi0

    My little boy has the Coccidia parasite

    I dropped off one of Nosy's poo for a 6 month routine fecal check and the vets have discovered the coccidia parasite in the sample. I have an appointment with the Vets for a checkup and to see where we go from here. From what i've read on the forums with my discussion with the Vet I will...
  4. NHenn

    Chameleon Coccidia Parasite and Treatment:

    About a month and a half ago I purchased my latest addition to our chameleon family, a 10 month old Nosy Be female Panther named Naila. As she was from a different breeder than my other panthers, I kept her and her cage separate from all the other chameleons encase she happen to have something...
  5. GabeCastro

    Please read - my recent vet vist

    I'd just like to share my expierence with my first chameleon... Jasper looks 100% healthy, but my recent vet trip tells me otherwise. His exam went really well and i was told i was doing an excellent job on his enclosure. Also Jasper looks really healthy. No URI, Mouth rot, skin fungus...
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