1. Parson's Chameleon

    Parson's Chameleon

    Female Athena Orange Eye Parson's Chameleon
  2. Nigel, my Nosy Mitsio Panther

    Nigel, my Nosy Mitsio Panther

    This is from the first day I introduced him into his habitat.
  3. aeolis23

    Blue vs. red gums ?

    Hi I am keeping pygmy chameleons at home, and I noticed that sometimes their gums are blue and sometimes pink/red. I didn't notice if it differs intra-individual or inter-individual, as it's been a long time since I noticed the blue mouth with another pygmy than the one I saw now with the...
  4. studio2eight

    My NEW BB Ambilobe - PIXEL :) (lots of pics)

    I have rejoined the ranks of Panther chameleon owners with the purchase of this little boy about a month ago!! I know, a little late right? But I wanted to give him plenty of time to acclimate to his new home in the southeast USA before sticking him in various locations of the yard and shoving a...
  5. Bloodhound

    Blue on Black

    Chamy was calm and cool blue today!
  6. LeahMcL

    continuous dark colored veiled cham

    My 8 month old veiled chameleon Apollo has been dark for the last day and a half and I know I need to get a lot more plants but I just upgraded from a small reptibreeze to an extra large. He seemed to be doing okay for about 3 weeks until yesterday. I am just wondering if he is stressed about...
  7. dlegare

    Nosy Be Growth and color change

    Good morning everyone. I am re-posting this because I messed it up the first time and couldn't get the pics to work properly. This is a neat series of photos of my baby Nosy Be that I got from Screameleons. I initially thought he was going to be a lackluster runt because he didn't start...

    I am Aquaman!

    HAHA, I like comics. When I met this guy a just blurted that out loud and it stuck. That is his name... Aquaman. This guy, he's 4 years old. I "adopted" him from a friend of a friend who was going to full time vet school and wouldn't have time to care for him anymore. I was stunned, to say...
  9. 4-5 Month Nosy Be Male

    4-5 Month Nosy Be Male

    My Nosy Be, Blue
  10. Blue Steel

    Blue Steel

    Egon pauses from exploring to give his "Blue Steel" look.
  11. Terry The Panther

    Terry The Panther

    This is my Ambilobe Terry showing his colors the first day I got him
  12. Fruit Loops - Ambanja Panther

    Fruit Loops - Ambanja Panther

    This is my Ambanja panther Fruit Loops. I got him from Chamalot Chameleons. In his older years he has gone from a green and blue to a orange and blue. He really is spectacular. Both these photos are the same animal. :-)
  13. Tropic Thunder

    Tropic Thunder

  14. "blue Steel"

    "blue Steel"

    Egon pauses to give his "blue steel" look.
  15. Tiamat


    Tiamat Nosy Be Sub-adult
  16. Pascal


    Who's going to blink first?
  17. Joseph Fired Up.

    Joseph Fired Up.

  18. Soaking In The Rays.

    Soaking In The Rays.

    Joseph drying off after a quick shower.
  19. Chameleontb83's Panther Cham Crayon 1

    Chameleontb83's Panther Cham Crayon 1

    Another one of my buddies, Crayon. He's wonderful, very calm and gentle natured. He has such a beautiful spectrum of colors!
  20. Chameleontb83's Veiled Cham Pallo 1

    Chameleontb83's Veiled Cham Pallo 1

    Here's one of my sire Veileds, Pallo. I love him, he's so gentle and calm, and loves to be held. He never even gets stressed!
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