baby chameleon

  1. Chameleon Kindergartener

    Chameleon Kindergartener

    A two month old male Kinyongia Boehmei. Unnamed as of yet, but undeniably adorable!
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    I see you. ? P.S - fake plant will be out of enclosure tomorrow morning. He’s currently asleep on it ?
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  4. IMG_6842.JPG


    This is when I first brought him home, right before he went into his enclosure.
  5. slowly getting away

    slowly getting away

  6. P

    Baby jackson's sleeping during the day

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - T. jacksonii xantholophus, group of 1.2, I've had them for 2 days now. Handling - Only to put them inside the cage. Feeding - Small cricekts, tommorow I'll get pinhead crickets and pea lices. Supplements - I haven't suplemented them yet. Watering - Automatic...
  7. LLLReptile

    Barney the Veiled Chameleon and the many failed photo ops

    Ahh, all the failed attempts at good pictures as Barney the Angry Veiled Chameleon has grown up... He was good for the first month, and then as he got older he's gotten angrier and angrier about his picture being taken... "I can't eat now that you're watching!" Now...
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