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    Used reptibreeze cages

    I no longer own chameleons. For sale: reptibreeze cages located in Vancouver WA 4 medium reptibreeze 16-16-30 inches sized cages. $20 a piece. I can ship them if needed but it is very expensive! Average cost is $40 to ship. Please text or call 360-356-5077 for purchase. I also have mist...
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    Supplies for sale. I no longer own Chams

    I have mist king heads available. All have been used. 1.Dual head and a wedge for $20 2. Dual head $15 3. Wedge $8 4. Single head and wedge for $10. I have 5 of this type. Buy all 5 and cost goes down! All can be sold individually or as a group. Shipping is available! Please call or text me...
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    Okay, sorry. Try

    Okay, sorry. Try
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    I have a bunch of cages for sale. I can only locally sell them though because the shipping is...

    I have a bunch of cages for sale. I can only locally sell them though because the shipping is crazy. Are you near the Portland/Vancouver area?
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    Going out of business!

    Brays chameleons will be closing down in January 2016. We are sold out of babies now. However We have tons of Cham supplies for sale. Let us know what you need, and we'll be happy to hook Ya up! :)
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    Ambilobe eggs

    Sold out! I am selling over 75+ blue barred ambilobe eggs from my Prometheus/(sherbet) poseidon line. $50 each. Discounts if you buy more than 4 eggs. Local sales only. To Vancouver/Portland. No shipping. Sold sold sold
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    Adult male body faly/be mix.

    Sold sold sold Sold. Thanks daisy!
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    Adult male body faly/be mix.

    Sadly we are having to part with all of our Chams. Haze is a wonderful nosy faly/be mix boy who is gentle, kind, and well mannered. He is excellent around children as well. Eats a variety of feeders, but not so fond of crickets. He is roughly 3.5 years old. So at this point in time I am open to...
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    Where are Dubia Roaches illegal?

    I think that it's really silly that they're illegal in certain states. Dubia are a great feeder. And when you have picky eaters, it's a great go to.
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    Photo 13

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    Male ambanja

    He was born in captivity. His mother was a wild caught imported to us. He is friendly, and is an amazing eater! Just under one year old. Some of what I consider to be the top breeders on here, have his brothers and sisters. Please private message me with any questions. He has not been bred, but...
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    Nosy faly female

    Corrections This faly is actually a boy. Late bloomer :\ $250 shipped. I have pictures of his entire bloodline on my website. Any questions please feel free to ask
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    Nosy faly female

    She's just over three months old. Bloodlines are Donald and rain from epic chameleons. $165 shipped faly baby or $115 at the March show. Serious Inquries only, meaning I accept PayPal at [email protected]
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    Problems with petsmart

    This is a petition for petsmart to start taking better care of their animals. Chameleons in particular. This post was not started by me, but I fully support the cause! Please sign
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    nosy be illness

    Your basking bulb is way too hot. Even an adult male should only have a 60 watt bulb. As for the vitamin a it should only be twice per month like with the vitamin d3. As for your gut loading use a variety of veggies and fruits. I would also use many other feeders instead of just crickets and...
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