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    Arcadia UVB light height vs other brands

    Hello all! Quick question. I upgraded from the "woops I bought a chameleon before I knew what I was doing" 16 x 16 cage kit to a larger 18 x 24 x 36 cage and moved my female Jacksons over. All is well, but I forgot that I needed to get a bigger UVB light because the current 12" one is way too...
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    Is our Approach to Naturalistic Humidity Correct?

    In the overmisting thread they are offering it as their advice on how to modify the natural hydration cycle to the person who asked about misting, stated as facts.
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    Is our Approach to Naturalistic Humidity Correct?

    Bill presents an idea based on scientific research, knowledge from experts in the fields of herpetology, veterenarians, professionals who have published research in peer-reviewed journals, field observations, and controlled experiments by experienced keepers with many chameleons. And he presents...
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    Chicken incubator for roaches?

    Thanks everyone :)
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    Chicken incubator for roaches?

    Great, thanks!
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    Chicken incubator for roaches?

    Nice. What is the temp of your roach bins then? Our house is probably in the high 60s/low 70s during the winters despite our best heating attempts, so I imagine that is where our closets are sitting.
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    Chicken incubator for roaches?

    I am trying to get everything set up to start breeding roaches. I just dont love the idea of heating pads, tape, or wire on a tub due to the fire hazard. I have tried keeping a bin by my floor heaters, but the temp fluctuates a ton and is pretty much never over 80. Has anyone tried putting some...
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    How are these with winter shipping? We are entering a big cold snap the next few days. Thanks!
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    A strange instagram plant quest

    Hello all, I have recently found Critterkingnl (Mario Jungmann) on instagram after hearing him on the chameleon breeder podcast. He keeps all sorts of mountain chameleons, and his page is full of awesome pictures. In a lot of his cages, there is a plant that I love but cannot identify. I am...
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    Opinions On Converting a Birdcage For Chams

    I am eagerly awaiting a picture of your setup! The possibilities are almost too overwhelming.
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    Kismet's Bioactive Build Progression

    What is the name of the plant that Kismet is on in these photos? It looks like a cool plant.
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    Brand New Cham Owner

    For a quick answer, their poop is the window to their hydration levels. If their urates are white, then they are getting enough water. Orange urates indicates dehydration. Many chams wont drink in front of you, so dont worry about witnessing any drinking first hand! Welcome!
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    Chameleon obsessed with metal rivet?

    I dont think so, the rivet is smaller than a pencil eraser with a hole in the middle, and she cannot even see it anymore. But I appreciate you thinking outside the box!
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