A strange instagram plant quest


Hello all,

I have recently found Critterkingnl (Mario Jungmann) on instagram after hearing him on the chameleon breeder podcast. He keeps all sorts of mountain chameleons, and his page is full of awesome pictures. In a lot of his cages, there is a plant that I love but cannot identify. I am usually pretty good with plants, but this one is a mystery to me.

The leaves look sort of similar to a spider plant, but it is not a spider plant. The long, slender leaves are bright green and are in a lot of his enclosures. It looks like it might be a trailing plant.

Is anyone up for an instagram quest to go check out his page and tell me what kind of plant it is?

I would be eternally grateful!



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Why not just send him a message and ask?

I can't recognize it either unfortunately, although it seems to do very well in his enclosures and looks pretty dang nice
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