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    Bug Buffet

    Hey everyone I am sorry to say I have forgotten a few of you who recently wanted some Bug Buffet. It will be ready to ship out the first of next week so please contact me to refresh my old tired memory :<) Bug Buffet dry gut load available only from Steve McNary / Chameleon Addiction. This is...
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    Dragon Strand Large Clear Side Enclosure

    Well done guys!!!! We will talk again soon. It looks like a palace :~)
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    bug Buffet

    Hey John email me at [email protected]
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    Lost and found: Need identification, sexing, advice

    Lathis Bobby is in meetings today but yes he is from that import Sorry for posting mistakes I'm tech challenged and haven't learned how to post properly after the site changes.
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    Lost and found: Need identification, sexing, advice

    Wow you found Bobby's Masoala, it has been out for months and he has been going nuts over loosing him. Very cool
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    B. thamnobates at Dragon Strand (image heavy!)

    Bradys Well done sir :) I knew you would do well with them. Fantastic pictures
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    New Clear Side Enclosures from Dragon Strand

    Cages I have MANY of bill's cages. The quality and customer service is second to none. Bill it was a pleasure getting to see you last month in Long Beach. Talk to you soon, PS Share some of those Brady pictures with us all :~)
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    Bug Buffet

    Just made a fresh batch available now Thank you Steve
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    some nice pictures....

    Looking good Jurgen Can't wait :)
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    Bug Buffet

    Just made a new batch and it is a good one.
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    Bug Buffet

    Bug Buffet dry gut load available only from Chameleon Addiction. This is my own recipe and I have used it for the last 3+ years. There are many people on this forum and elsewhere using it from individual keepers to professional breeders. Chances are you know someone who is using it. I use...
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    My young Mangaoka male is pictured on this thread although I posted some pictures on this thread that were not supposed to be here. I suck at computers in general :o I will send you some on email soon.:)
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    I would be happy to put you down for some but it's not easy to be successful breeding them and takes years so don't hold your breath :D There are others here who have been trying for years with no success and then still others who have been successful. I can only hope I will be successful when...
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    No I don't house them together and they have never even seen each other yet. I'm waiting until they are ready to breed.they are big enough but I wanted them to be older. They will not even catch a glance at each other until I'm ready to breed them and that will be next year.
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