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    1,000 roach breeding bins $20 / San Diego pick up

    SOLD Trying to clear out today, so practically giving these guys away. I have 4 bins.
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    Hissing Roaches super sale! aprox. 10 cents each! Pick up only

    This is for pick up in the San Diego area (Oceanside) only. I will be selling well established breeding colonies with a bin and heat pad for $100 each. Each bin has over a thousand of all sizes, including 100+ adults breeding. Shipping is too expensive and risky for this many. (3) bins with...
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    Madagascar Hissing Roaches / mix size sale

    SALE ON MIXED SIZES (.25 inches to 2.5 inches) 25qty = $20 shipped / 50qty = $35 shipped / 100qty = $55 shipped! I am having way more luck breeding these guys than expected and will need to thin out the collection, hence the amazing prices. These prices reflect shipping to areas not freezing...
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    Madagascar Hissing Roaches .50 cents each!

    Update, hissers Still offering the sale as I am producing out of several bins and have thousands! So just an FYI, if you offer a lot of heat and feed human grade food (not dog or cat food), these guys are amazingly prolific. For those I did not get back to right away, I have messaged and set...
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    Madagascar Hissing Roaches .50 cents each!

    I am offering mix groups for .50 cents each to help thin out some groups. I have not offered for sale in a while and my website email was down, so my bins are bulging with roaches! These are large roaches, so only for the largest Chameleons.
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    26 Chameleons stolen from Kissimmee FL

    I would contact the local news and make sure you point out the local police refused to take prints. You have to put pressure on them to do their jobs efficiently sometimes and media is the best way. Contact all news stations in your greater area, I bet someone wants this story. Good luck.
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    werneri breeding

    Any updates?
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    Trioceros werneri and T. melleri group

    Werneri might be getting picked up over the weekend and the Meller's are all spoken for, staying with me after all. A lot of great offers, but after the wife grilled me for giving up on the Meller's, I decided to work with them for at least a full year, before deciding if I (and my...
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    Trioceros werneri and T. melleri group

    Here is a shot taken today of the T. werneri Male for a potential buyer...
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    Trioceros werneri and T. melleri group

    I have decided import Chameleons are too much work for what my family wants me to be spending time on, so I am getting out, and all Chameleons for now. I have a lone male T. werneri that has been in my care for a few months. He is $45 or $75 with cage and light. Pick up in Oceanside, CA...
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    new Hissing Roach Selection

    Gromphadorhina oblongonota (Wide-Horn Hisser) Medium: $4 each (50 available) Aeluropoda insignis (Flat Horn Hisser) Medium: $3 each (50 available) Gromphadorhina spp (Madagascar Hisser Hybrid) Normals small: $1 each medium: $1.25 each large: $1.50 each Black (these are dark to...
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    to many online critics, no need for it

    This is common in the Chameleon world, but the answers can always get deeper and more complex. The common answers need to always be re-evaluated. I say keep asking the basic questions even as experts. When you really look at it, the only things people are having any success with are the really...
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    Madagascar Hissing Roach nymphs

    mix size, un-sexed nymphs (.25" - 1.5" mix) $1.00 each (for 50 qty or more) and $9 shipping I have sorted the breeders based on different traits (they are hybrids), please include what you prefer in request. These are the groups... typical: look like typical Madagascars and are mellow...
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    How do I get my Cham to eat again?

    Let us know how this works out, I have a similar issue with a Melleri. Make sure you are getting probiotics and easy to digest mix when force feeding, in case it is intestinal issues. Also consider infection, like fungal internally, so be careful about too much acid and sugars. Right now I am...
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    Favorite horned chameleon?

    Add another +1 for Werneri, you can't beat having flaps and horns!
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