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    Cannot find 1/4 inch black PVC coated hardware cloth anywhere! help please.

    You might try petscreen. I have used that before for chameleon cages. It is tough enough to withstand a dog or cats claws. It is PVC coated nylon. It is also much easier on a chams toenails than aluminum screen can be.
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    In Seach of pygmy species

    If you have pygmys of any type please let me know. Brevs, Spectral, acuminatus, brookesia....etc. phone 972 841 9313 or email [email protected] Thanks! Brian
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    Hi there. I am looking for pygs and see you had some CB brevs for sale. Please let me know if...

    Hi there. I am looking for pygs and see you had some CB brevs for sale. Please let me know if you still have some available. Thanks, Brian 972 841 9313 email: [email protected]
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    Chameleon Cages in Dallas TX area

    I have qty 3 - 24x24x48 aluminum screen cages for sale. The empty one is $50. The other 2 are $100 each and have a large Schefflera Arboicola and Pothos plant with natural branches included. Each of the planted cages also include a mistking nozzle for each. Take all 3 for $200. Local pickup in...
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    Branches -- How do you hang them?!?

    I use a stretch of small chain attached with a stainless steel screw to either side of the screen rail at the top. Leave enough slack for about 1 1/2" from the top screen hanging in the middle. Connect all branches to eachother with zipties. Also plenty strong enough to hang a plant. Been...
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    Baby enclosure

    If you are going to put that veiled in a screen cage there is no reason to make it smaller. If the baby can eat at least 1/4" crickets you can make use of the entire cage. Just make sure there are plenty of branches and leaf cover. Do not leave wide expanses of air. Fill it up with...
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    You would probably do better with a ficus benjamina as an indoor tree. Citrus trees would require too much light to do well indoors. I have ficus trees that have lasted for 6 years and counting in some of my chameleon cages. As long as you provide enough water and some decent light in the room...
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    Male or Female? That is the question...

    Its a male. The pictures aren't good to show the hemipenal bulge but the blue bars coming through on his side kinda give it away ;)
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    2015 Parsonii Hatchlings

    Congrats! Nice to see hard work and dedication pay off.
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    Trioceros Hoehnelli trio for sale $480 shipped

    Female was sold separately. Males are $180 shipped each or $350 shipped for both.
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    Trioceros Hoehnelli trio for sale $480 shipped

    T. Hoehnelli trio for sale. I have decided to let our 2 males and 1 CB female go. This trio is $480 shipped. These are all unrelated. The males came in last summer in a shipment from Kenya and the female is from a litter born from the WC female we got from that same shipment. All are in perfect...
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    Reptibreeze XL Drainage Base

    I use PVC shower pan liner from home depot or lowes.
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    Drainage for XL Reptibreeze

    I've been making these for years. They are fairly easy to build.
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    First (or second) Panther Babies in TURKEY

    Congrats! Hope you have your fruit fly cultures and pinhead crickets ready. These guys eat a lot starting in about 3 days typically. Let me know if you need any help setting them up in bins. I would be happy to show you how we do ours.
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    My Parsonii Cooper 2 Year Old Photos

    Great pics Jann! He looks incredible!
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