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    ID this Chameleon?

    males from Nosy be have yellow lips On the picture you see a male from Nosy be. I saw many males with a lot of red many times in Madagascar. It seems that this is normal but the lips of all males in Nosy be and Nosy fale are yellow. On your picture the lips are white. Thats why may be it´s...
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    two big boys in our garden

    thank you all for your nice words, they remind me every day, thats right, but some of them have a lot of scratches or scars, many chameleons in Madagscar are not so perfect like our "pet´s" at home, they have to fight again predators, other chameleons or parasites
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    two big boys in our garden

    you are right, both of them are WC, thank you to all for the nice words, I will tell it to the boys :p
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    two big boys in our garden

    the sun is shining and the chameleons are happy, our two boys in the garden, Akuma the male from Nosy be and Kanto the Ambilobe male
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    Nosy faly update Madagascar 2011

    I just updated my Nosy faly site including video checkit out on: enjoy it Thomas
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    like father like(son)

    cool picture, the small guy lives very dangerous
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    Do you know Furcifer petteri?

    There is a very rare species in the north of Madagscar, Furcifer petteri. Only in Joffreville and Ankarana National parc you will find this chameleon. The coloration is one of the most spectacular I ever seen and at least pretty as Furcifer minor. Lets have a look some pictures here, if...
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    panther vs. snake

    here is the link again, normaly the video started automaticly please try it again Thomas
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    panther vs. snake

    thank you for nice words Hi friends, Thank you so much for the nice words about my video. My last trip to Madagascar in march was great again. Masoala, Nosy Mangabe, Maroansetra, Antalah, Sambava, Vohemar and up to the north with taxi brousse! It was a big adventure with a lot of fun and...
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    panther vs. snake

    I just came back from my last journey to Madagascar. It was great as anytime and I made a lot of new pictures and videos. Today I will publish a nice meeting between a snake and an chameleon. take a look at...
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    Amphibian und Reptiles in Ranomafana

    The Working Group of the Institute of Evolutionary Biology at the TU Braunschweig Prof. Miguel Vences, in collaboration with the National Park Ranomafana in Madagascar, information created on the herpetofauna of the park and adjacent areas. Here you can download posters with good information...
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    Chameleon Gaping Thread

    big daddy with big mouth Beware, i´m so hungry!
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    T. quadricornis hatchling

    big success, Luis all the best for your special offspring
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    Rhampholeon acuminatus pair

    camouflage is perfect It is incredible how well Rhampholeon acuminatus adapts to its environment. The camouflage is perfect. Thanks for sharing.
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    Chameleons from Ankify

    Hello friends, As i promised I updated my website with new chameleon pictures. These update shows new species like Furcifer rhinoceratus and a lot of new Stories and pictures of Pantherchameleons in different colormorphs. Dont miss the storie about the two...
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