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    Welcome To The World

    Nice congrats dude!
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    Apparently my head makes a great basking spot

    I love my bearded dragon!!! Took him recently with me to a house boat and he loves it! Mine try climbing to my head but the shoulder is the highest he'll go! :P
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    Summer '11 Video Contest
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    A horrible day!

    The pain is annoying when I'm trying to sleep. I'm used to physical pain because I sprain my wrist a few times. Dislocated elbows, shoulders. So yeah but this constant pain is akward. It gets a lil better at time but comes back. So I don't even know what is considered Real Painful. Pancreas...
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    Something different, bulldog puppies!

    Its under other reptiles and pets.... :D Thanks for sharing! I bred english bulldogs long long time ago! I love them! Mathilda was her name, I miss her lots!
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    A horrible day!

    I can relate as well. BUT I can only assume that I have pancrea cancer or pancreatitis. My left side of my body near the left run area hurts! Constant pain and its been going on for about 8 months. I've check it out but doc said it's just probably inflammatory ribs. I talk to nurse and they...
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    One lucky hatchling!

    Thanks! Pics coming soon.
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    One lucky hatchling!

    So i have a group of eggs that was sitting in the incubator for a bit now! I took a break from breeding so these were the last retained clutch I didn't expect to hatch. Just because it took very long and the eggs didn't really grow much. I've been peeking in the incubator for the past 4...
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    Failed Attempt!

    I love versicolors babies!! Love their blue colors! I have one as well but he is still small! Quick lil thing and they are jumpy!!
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    7 month old ambilobe chameleons

    SOLD!! Thanks for all of those who were interested, this lucky guy is going on a plane ride monday morning!!
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    New Parsonii Pictures of Padre

    Congrats Jann!! I've been away from the forum for awhile and I came back and what a surprise!! Hes looking good!!
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    7 month old ambilobe chameleons

    This guy got some nice bright neon and dark green coloring. Also have light sky blue specs on around his head area. Lots of red pokadots on his belly. Some orange and yellow as well. I am selling him for $250 shipped! Here are some pictures of him that I took today! All...
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    Some of My Other Pets! = )

    Nice, I just got into tarantulas, how many do you have and what type?
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    I lost Earl

    Sorry for your loss, jess. I hope you feel better soon.
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    Newborn Jackson Babies!

    congrats!! I love baby jacksons!!
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