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    I’m looking for a male Tamatave

    Hi guys, I purchased female four months ago in hopes that she would breed with my male. Unfortunately, after a series of health issues he passed away and now I’m in the market for a male. Can someone point me in the right direction?
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    Medical Bills

    Hey guys, so my chameleon had to go see an exotic specialist and have a procedure done. It’s going to run about $1000 after everything is said and done. Are there any programs that help with financial assistance that are worth looking into? Also, does anyone have any experience with Allstate? I...
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    Cocooning silkworm moths

    Hi guys, I have some large silkworms and I was wondering how to cocoon them? I know that they do it naturally but should I use egg crates so that they don’t get entangled?
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    Homemade silkworm chow?

    I just discovered that I have access to mulberry leaves. Unfortunately, fall is right around the corner and the leaves will be gone very soon. Does anyone know of a silkworm chow recipe? Or of a way to preserve the leaves through winter?
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    Questions about Dubia roaches

    I gutload mine with mustard greens, broccoli and carrots. Honestly, they are by far the easiest feeder insect. Colonies are hard to come by, because they’re as good as gold. However, you can purchase them online. Breeders feed them cat food, Lemons/limes, and rabbit food to stimulate growth...
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    Tamatave females

    Hello, I’m looking to purchase a true Tamatave female from a reputable source. Does anyone know of any Tamatave breeders? Is there a way to tell if a female is a pure blood tamatave?
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    Bump on my chams eye

    Hey guys, unfortunately my YBBB has started developing a bump in his left eye. It has been slowly growing the last two weeks. Does anyone know what this could be? Do you think it will resolve itself?
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    Chameleon turning yellow

    Thank you for your input. My tamatave doesn’t seem to be phased by the presence of other chameleons, but my ambilobe hates other chams
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    Chameleon turning yellow

    No, not usually.
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    Chameleon turning yellow

    I have a eight month old ybbb that’s started to show his yellows when free roaming. In the past, he’s only turned yellow when he’s really angry and defensive. I’m not frustrated, I bought him for the color change, I just wanna know why he’s turning yellow when he’s calm. My tamatave turns orange...
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    My chams mouth is becoming disfigured

    Thank you for your advice
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    My chams mouth is becoming disfigured

    I know that this sounds messed up but maybe it will help, his mouth is starting to look a bit like Popeye’s.
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    My chams mouth is becoming disfigured

    I lowered his basking spot with the MV bulb, because it was very hot. He was always about 8 inches away from the bulb itself. I used it for about 3 months, until I decided to switch back to a linear 5.0 bulb. What do you do for a cham if it develops cancer?
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    My chams mouth is becoming disfigured

    I’ve had my tamatave Arthur for almost a year, and unfortunately he’s had several medical issues. He’s been treated for both burns and respiratory infections. I got his heath under control after altering his husbandry, however he seems to be developing another issue. We took him into a local...
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    Lets see your Ambilobe!!!!!

    Nimbus, my 7 month old Ybbb
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