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    auto misting machine

    settle down ya'll. i wasn't trying to offend or attack anyone, simply stating the fact when lasergecko tells someone it takes 10 hours to do, he has ulterior motives simply beacuse he is in business. it's nothin personal, i think he has a great product and would recommend it for anyone that...
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    auto mist

    i had a pro mist gifted to me, it does work great, but i would suggest if i had to buy one - basically the same thing but for considerably less $
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    Did I do this right?

    sounds about right, adjust the drip rate with the amount of water or size of the hole. when i did it instead of a screen i used a disposable plastic gladware thing and just poked holes in the lid. it worked great collecting water w/o lettin the cham or feeders at it. your cham will probably...
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    Intelligence in chameleons?

    my vieled would time his 'jailbreaks' perfectly. he will sit at the far end when i open his cage for cleaning, wait until i turn my back and walk away to make a run for the door. half the time i come back in and find him on top of his cage w/ that 'HAHA i'm bigger than you!' look to him. :)
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    auto misting machine

    dude, i realize that you are trying to make sales, but 10 hours is a totally ridiculous overstatement. settle down with the sales pitch already. for nightcrawler my vote will always be DIY, skip the habbamist, but if the more realistic 2-4 hours of your time isn't worth it, then yea, go buy...
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    What to call F. pardalis morphs

    i thought the terminology 'CH' implied just that, or am i confused again? ie 'CH ambanja' would imply that it is the same as 'ambanja-type' and no way of knowing parents? that makes sense. what we have is already established, and is easier to be more stringent about proper terminology, like...
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    building a new cage

    i used plastic mesh and zip ties to secure it to the pvc frame / make doors. then i used velcro grippers as latches to hold them shut
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    What to call F. pardalis morphs

    lol yea, that's plenty. like i said, I was never aware of that terminology. of course i have only recently became interested in breeding and never ever had even the slightest bit of anything but disdain for snakes in particular. i know, weird. but i hate em.
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    What to call F. pardalis morphs

    i know what your talking about and i think i looked over the one thread in particular, it did get pretty ridiculous. i dunno , the one i am thinking of the person had a CH from a WC locale and was representing it as the locale, resulting in all kinds of crazy argueing. but again the problem...
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    Real Plants for Chameleons

    to grow them yourself you would have to start a LONG time before you get your chameleon in order to have a decent size plant in time forthem to climb it and not destroy it, you'll wanna buy. i use pothos, croton, dracaena, and orchids. alot of folk also like schleffera and hibiscus too.
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    What to call F. pardalis morphs

    i am also a bit confused here... i mean, of course nobody says 'designer' translucent vieled, because the title translucent alone immediately sets it apart as something special. what i am getting at i guess is why do we need a third category at all? like for the 'nosy be blue phase', what's...
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    New Chameleon, Now I have a Question!!!

    there should be some kind of partition so they can't see each other, unless you are breeding them. otherwise they are solitary animals. the general rule of thumb i think is 1 year for breeding, maybe someone with more breeding experience can help you there.
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    What to call F. pardalis morphs

    the human analogy i think is better than the dog one for sure. for example the sherpa 'locale' has evolved bigger lungs / hearts than the rest of us in order to cope with life at altitude. are they eventually going to become a different species too?? i don't think so. panthers are...
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    just another pic

    thanks for all the compliments yea, i would like to breed her if i can find someone in the denver area w/ a male, otherwise she will just have to wait. my don diego male will be here tuesday :)
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