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    Best temp gun

    I really like my Bluepoint temp gun. Hasn't let me down yet.
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    I use an RODI system, I use it for my chams and my saltwater aquarium.
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    Got a great pic of Calais!

    Wow, great looking cham!
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    where can i buy pygmy chameleons online!

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    Looks like I may be getting a Panther

    Congrats!! Who is C/N?
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    Nosy Komba

    Sorry I've been a bit busy recently but I'll get you that pic as soon as possible.
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    Nosy Komba

    Thanks for the complements :rolleyes:
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    Nosy Komba

    Heres a couple of my Nosy Komba.
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    I finally think I have everything set up the way I want it....

    Great setup!...just might have to steal your idea :p
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    Just a Few

    Haha thanks Alex :)
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    Just a Few

    Thanks Gensen! I really love this guy!
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    eye issues again

    Pretty cham! I'm glad he's better.
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    Just a Few

    Thanks Hoj I appreciate it.
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    Just a Few

    I was thinking to breed of the same local. not sure though!
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    Just a Few

    Maybe when I save up enough for a female Nosy-Komba lol
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