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    Walking on ground...?

    Hey guys - My 4 month Veiled has been walking around on the floor a lot recently. She is a female - is this a sign of eggs on the way? If so - what should i do to prepare... is a 12" x 12" tub of sand the appropriate thing to use? If so.. what kind of sand, what kind of container... etc...
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    Post a pic here.. !! read

    i would love some pics of some chameleons !!! send them in !!
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    Post a pic here.. !! read

    Hey guys - Just for fun - i am starting a website where everyone can post beautiful, funny, or just ordinary pictures of there pets !! The address is... I have a couple pictures up - it is a simple set up and the email is posted if you want to add a...
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    Piranha video

    Thought you guys would enjoy this - my 2 Red Bellied Piranhas enjoying some feeder fish !!
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    Male and Female together?

    ok so.. i can understand that the answer to my question is NO. haha... but i am curious now.. when the chameleons do mate... how does that go about? Do the owners know when to place both of them in the same cage?
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    Female Veiled Question..

    Hey guys ! Here is a question... I have a 3 month old FEMALE Veiled ... i have read a lot about Egg bearing... but i have a few questions.. When exactly should i be expecting her to start producing eggs? How do i make sure she doesn't die from this natural event? I have read that...
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    Food Dish? Ok? or No?

    thanks !!! YES i know i am in the process of adding more vines - i just switched her into a bigger cage so i didnt have enough from the smaller cage - but do not worry more vines and leaves are in the process of being added !!!
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    Male and Female together?

    Just wondering... is it ok to keep a male and female veiled chameleon together? I have a 4' x 2' enclosure.. thanks !! Here is a video of my 3 month old female ...
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    Food Dish? Ok? or No?

    Is my food dish ok where it is at? Or should i have it somewhere higher in the cage so she doesn't have to climb down every time she wants to eat? Here is a video....
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    New video of my new cham !!

    Here she is !... i took this new video of her coming down from her vines to much on some meal worms... enjoy !
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    New cham :d

    FINALLY... i am BACK. it has been years but i am back with a new cham... here is a video of her eating... check it out
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    breeding mice..

    hey, thanks a lot. but what do you mean by trays?? both of my female mice are due anywhere between octob 11-18... so hopefully everything works out well. ill put some pics up on here if you guys want me to? anyways.. my plan is to seperate all 3 mice about 2 days before due date to make sure...
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    breeding mice..

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    breeding mice..

    i see, well so far so good last night i heard some loud squeaking coming from their cage and i looked over and i saw the male well, you know, with the females.. hahha. so should i expect babys in 3-4 weeks? im planning on taking out the male putting it in one cage, then taking out one of the...
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