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    Amilboe Breeding pair, local pickup only

    All gone now
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    superworms need help

    Yes, the oats are bedding/food. Iv used the gutload from but whatever works.
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    superworms need help

    Oats for bedding with the occasional carrot is just fine.
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    Crickets or roaches as a staple:

    Roaches all the way. the only Con about them Ive seen is that they like to dig and hide in plants and only come out at night usually. So they kick soil all over the cage and dont get eaten as much. To stop it I just covered the plant base in screen. But otherwise theyre ten times more...
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    Male and Female Amilobe

    I lied, they're both still available
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    Do most of you use reptical w/ d3?

    If you use crickets a lot you should get a 10-20 gal aquarium. Cricket keepers are a pain imo. your feeders should always be gutloaded when possible though. Also, D3 shouldnt be used a lot, especially if they get sun at all. There are posts here about dangers of overdoing it. I use w/o D3...
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    Solarmeter 6.2 UVB Meter

    I have a brand new Solarmeter to sell. Ive literally pushed the button 5 times and taken it out once so its basically new. Ive had it about 2 months. Still has the paperwork and leather case. $140 shipped obo
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    Superworm colony. Local only please

    Selling this colony that needs to go. I drawer has beetles, the other 2 have lots of worms. This has provided me with endless Supers for my two chams. Comes with whats left of their gutload also. $25
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    Male and Female Amilobe

    These two are sold, still have the setup if anyone cares :). Thanks
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    Riddle me this!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not sure if they have more issues, but they are much more common which may be the reason for thinking this
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    Roach Gutload

    I went with the 2nd one a while back, seemed to have no issues
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    raising supers

    I use the small 3 drawer plastic bins from walmart. Put the beetles in one drawer and worms in the other. Toilet paper or napkin rolls in with the beetles with oats or gutload for bedding. Next to roaches they're extremely easy to maintain and breed
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    Panacur Question

    Well, finally getting to this thread. Thanks for posting that link, I've always suspected that what happened but didn't want to point fingers without hearing more. I hope more people read it when looking for new chams
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    Hornworms and Silkworms in phoenix

    Ya Ive looked with no luck before. Mine are usually stuck with roaches and superworms until fall
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    Dubia colony sale $100, local only

    Im moving and need them gone soon. Im in West phoenix, about 113th ave and indian school
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