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    I had a great idea to expand into a free roam

    He'll be down from there in no time unless you take everything off the wall below the ledge. I free ranged my chams for almost a year, and let me tell you - they will find a way to get where they want, and it's not always where you want them. It's a great idea, just be extra cautious about cham...
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    Male Ambanja

    I am transferring out of state for college and cannot take my Panther with me. He is just over a year old, hatched September of 2010. Extremely friendly chameleon, very easy to handle and shows no signs of stress during handling. When you open the door of his cage he's likely to come out all on...
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    Question about eggs

    A couple weeks ago, on May 13, one of my pygs laid eggs. She never dug, and she just laid them right on top of the soil. There were three eggs, two of which looked like they'd dried out a bit. I put them all in vermiculite anyway, just to see what would happen. The two that looked dry did...
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    Does sex bother chamleon?

    HAHAHA! My dog seems to feel the same way :p
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    Help with surprise pygmy eggs!

    Thanks ferret, I certainly will hang on to them for now. I've read on the forum here than brev eggs don't necessarily need to be kept in an incubator, but can be left in a temp-stable closet or something. Is that correct? I don't have an incubator. Is there anything I need to do with the eggs...
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    Help with surprise pygmy eggs!

    I went to feed and mist today and noticed 3 little eggs in my pygmy viv. I spotted them so quickly because she never dug, and laid them right on top of the dirt. Is this normal? Should I be worried about her at all? She either laid them today or yesterday, I'm not quite sure. Two of the eggs...
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    get it or not?

    Personally I would never ship a ficus, especially a benjamina. They tend to drop leaves very easily, especially under stress. I'd say shipping a tree would be considered quite a stressor. Some of mine will drop leaves if I move them from one room to another. Home depot, lowes, or many garden...
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    It's not necessary to remove the back legs. I sometimes do when I'm feeding my free ranged chams, because it slows the crickets down a bit, which means there will be less that escape from the chams and end up wandering around my room. But other than that... it's really unnecessary. As far as...
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    My first Cham!

    Hahaha.... playful chameleon. They'll tell you just about anything to make the sale, huh? I'm surprised they didn't tell you he was also the best at fetch and rolling over. Nice looking jackson. Bruises can take forever to heal, but as long as he's moving around fine and eating, it's nothing...
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    It's great that she was given to someone who is going to care for her. Thanks for being so willing to take that on! Sounds like she'll be much happier in your hands than with her previous owner. Definitely a veiled, and I'd say probably a gravid female. It's hard to judge her age in those...
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    cham lighting

    Do you know that the Slimline Tropical fixture is only 3% UVB (equivalent of a 3.0 bulb)? Last I checked, at least. You might want to replace the bulb with a reptisun 5.0. It's a better bulb all around. Make sure you remove that lense cover on that fixture. It DOES filter out UVB.
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    Chameleon angry at lights or something else?

    My panther is like this every morning. He's 8 months old, healthy as can be, and he has his throat puffed up every single morning when I go to turn on his lights. He just thinks he's all that.
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    Chameleon handling question?

    How do you "play" with a reptile? Some chameleons don't mind being handled (still minimally, even if they don't mind it), but if you want something to "play" with, then get a dog.
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    Help with Pygmy gender, please..

    Both look like females to me.
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    male veild masturbating?

    HAHAHA! Oh dear... I think you're little guy may want a lady friend! But hey, if you're willing to offer up your wrist, then I guess he can handle things on his own :p
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