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    Midwest Jungle~ Chams in the Sunshine!

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    Warning to the sqweamish!!!

    Just a heads up...... Don't know if its been mentioned yet- Got the latest issue of Reptiles Magazine(Augest) and there is some Cham stuff in it. The warning is for those that dont wish to see "things" eating other "things". I bring this up because I have seen posts explode over...
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    Johnstoni Outside

    Agreed, you can see the dimple in the bottom of the belly crease in the photo. GRAVID!!!
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    Summer heat?

    The humidity and direct sun is the killer right now around here, and I'm a true florida cracker(born & raised)! I can work outside all day, but damn it feels like augest already!!! Agreed, its gonna be a BAD summer!
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    Two new crazy breeders :)

    My vote is for the first pic, thats TOP SHELF!!!
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    Pics of the boys

    Very Nice!:cool:
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    So Icey Boy

    Looks like one of mine, ours could be twins:) Mine is a (RedBar x BlueBar) Ambilobie. He is to mello to fire up as well, even when other males fire up at him-lol
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    Dubia Roach colony questions?

    YouTube is full of vids on that subject.
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    things you cannot gut load your feeders with....

    10-4, makes more sense now. Thanks-
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    things you cannot gut load your feeders with....

    Confused...... Its agreed that animal proteins are bad for Chams, yet almost all roach chows use animal proteins(dog food, tropical fishfood, etc.) in them. I'm not a roach guy, but with poeple feeding dubias, how does this work out for the Chams?
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    Chameleon montage

    Link not workn for me...
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    Rain sucks!

    Your Mellers is probably loving it, making him feel at home!:D In the past most of my Chams lived outdoors year round, just coverd the cages in the winter. Other Cham breeders I knew in my area did the same... Heck, and theres free food also! A small hole cut in the screen with a little bowl...
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    Vivariums for my johnstoni

    Nice work!:cool:
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    New T. werneri

    Nice pickup, makes me miss mine!:cool:
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