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    My Bioactive Setup - Introducing Monet, my new Panther!

    Thanks so much for the input! I ordered one and can't wait to use it. If my boy likes it I'll have to get some more- though 12 feet seems quite substantial for one vine. Monet is gorgeous on that flower too :love:
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    My Bioactive Setup - Introducing Monet, my new Panther!

    What a beautiful cage :) Is that a Galapagos Moss Vine running through the cage? If so I'm curious what your thoughts are on it - I've been considering using them but I've only seen them online. Welcome to the forums!
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    (GRAPHIC CONTENT) Hungry bioactive cleaner crew: P. Scaber "Giant Orange" aggressive protein seekers!

    Woahhh, this is awesome! :LOL: Are you continuing the experiments?
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    Fresh Branches?

    I'll scrub with water and then try boiling water, and try to find a sun spot. I don't think they'll fit in the oven. Thanks so much guys!
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    Fresh Branches?

    I've gathered a couple of branches. I've decided I want to give them a wash with soap and water just to be on the safe side. Would dawn dish soap work or would you recommend something else instead. I figured it would be safe because it's used in oil spill cleanup on animals but I'm not ever sure...
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    Fresh Branches?

    I'm not looking to cut very much off of any tree, so you don't have to worry about me killing them! I appreciate the replies :)
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    Fresh Branches?

    Hi all, There are a good amount of chameleon safe trees around me, so instead of purchasing branches I was hoping I could use local ones. The issue is, there aren't a lot of dead branches. Is there an issue with cutting fresh branches, cleaning them off, and using them? I've seen some people...
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    Calumma nasutum F1 Newly Hatched

    They are adorable! I love the little turquoise spots on them. Congrats! ^^
  9. Peek-a-boo


    Mondo's last day outside for this year. I think he misses summer weather.
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    Mealworms are a no!

    Mealworms certainly aren't the way to go when feeding your chameleons! This being said and bolded, I can understand why they're an appealing choice to beginners: Chances are (though just a blanket statement), if you buy your chameleon from a chain pet store, a sales associate will assure you...
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    All Screen or Some Clear Sides?

    Hello, I'm looking to upgrade my male veiled's cage from a screen 2x2x4 to a 2x4x4. I've decided to go the route of buying one from DragonStrand, because I'm really not handy enough to do it myself. I was looking for advice as to whether it would make more sense for me to go with the model that...
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    Room Paint

    Thanks so much! I'll have to check if the paint I bought is low/no VOC ^^
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    Room Paint

    I'm planning on painting my room soon, which is also the room that Mondo lives in. I'm assuming that the paint fumes wouldn't be good for him so I was thinking I would move him out of my room. Am I right in thinking this (or would moving him temporarily cause more harm than good)? If/when I do...
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    I'm loosing him.

    I'm terribly sorry for your loss, Echo was such a sweetheart :(
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    Please Send Good Vibes and Prayers to Amos

    Hang in there, Amos. Please feel well soon. Sending Love <3
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