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    Overjoyed Ambilobe!?!?

    mirrors are the key I was walking down the hallway and he loves to sit on my hat and then my phone rang. Not realizing what was happening I ended the call and looked in the mirror and he was HUGE!!! He also walked up on a floor to cieling mirror one day and started attacking it!! He was...
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    bio Thanks here it goes......its a 4' x 2' x 2' screen cage I have 2 Ficus plants and treated branches and vines for him. he has his own room with no fans but moderate natural light. He is a 1 and a half year old panther cham.((( I put a web cam on him, because I figured out what he is doing...
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    I have a screen cage and need a better drainage system due to the fact the chamm now likes to hang out on the bottom . I keep it cleaned everyday but I need something more than just drainage from under the plants. Any suggestions? I was going to raise it on a stand but the bottom is solid and it...
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    Yoda shows me his yellows

    thanks Thanks! And yes Royden you own one of the most handsome chameleons I have ever seen. And no chammy is his name till we think of a better one.
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    FS: Huge homemade chameleon/lizard cage plus supplies!

    price how much do you want for it?
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    Yoda shows me his yellows

    Here are a few pictures of yoda's offsping Chammy
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