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    Favorite Panther Locale

    Blue bar ambilobe for sure. Been away from the forum for quite a while. I'm poking around again since batch 1 from Sniper/Cinnamon is nearing hatching time.
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    My Panther won't open his eyes?!?!? Help!

    Rush to the vet Preferably one who is experienced with chams. The sooner you go, the better chance your guy has. Don't feel bad, all cham keepers end up at the vet sooner or later, except for those who don't care and just let them die when they get sick.
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    We are proud parents!!!

    Congratulations! Which subspecies of Jacksons are they? Perhaps Jacksonii Jacksonii since the female had a horn? Did you purchase them recently?
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    Egg #23 never made it out.

    Two clutches This was her second clutch, the first was 18 eggs. So far all 40 eggs are healthy.
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    Egg #23 never made it out.

    Cinnamon laid 22 eggs back in mid may. Last week she passed away at the veterinarian after a desperate surgery attempt to remove egg #23. She showed no signs of health problems until 2 days before she passed. She was eating aggressively as usual and drinking normally until last week she suddenly...
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    humidty hitting 80!!!

    Sleeping? You said he was sleeping in the middle of the cage. I hope he is not sleeping during the day, this is a sign of serious problems.
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    chameleon stimulation?

    Why another lizard won't work You mentioned trying another lizard that is large enough to not be eaten, but small enough to not be threatening. The only lizard large enough to not be eaten would be a lizard nearly as large as the cham, which would most certainly be threatening/stressful for the...
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    Are Highly Calcium Fortified Foods Deadly to Roaches?

    calcium Roaches can injest alot of calcium without dying like crickets do. They are much hardier than crix.
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    Hoping for a free meal!

    free meals and drinks The brown anoles at my place not only take advantage of stray crickets, but the auto mister in the dry season. I also have house geckos raid the cricket bin at night if I forget to put the lid on. Both the anoles and the geckos will eat crickets larger than thier heads. I...
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    Vieled moprhs?

    Now that's good comedy! I fell out of my chair and haven't been able to stop laughing since I read this. It has to be the most ridiculous theory I have ever heard.
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    natural ant repelant?

    ants in cage I have had this problem too. Water dishes on the cage stand legs works to keep them out, I haven't had luck with vaseline since the ants just put pieces of dirt across it to form a bridge. As for the ants already in the cage, if there is a queen in there, you will need to find a...
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    More eggs from cinnamon

    Cinnamon laid her second clutch yesterday exactly 3 months after the first batch. There were 22 this time and 18 the first time. This clutch was sort of an accident, Sniper and Cinnamon got busy in the back seat of my pickup when I was moving them to my new house. I had them in thier ficus...
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    Silkworms getting too big.

    Large prey items The main reason you shouldn't feed prey items that are too large is the risk of impaction(constipation) which can be fatal for chams. This isn't a problem when feeding caterpillars like silkies or hornworms because they are mostly moisture, your cham will have no problem...
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    Thinking of a Cham.

    It's a Johnston's (rwenzori mountain variety) The chameleon pictured at the top of the page is not a Jacksons, it is a rwenzori mountain chameleon, a variety of Johnston's. Finding one for sale would be very difficult. Some regular Johnstons were recently imported, but you wont find any...
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    Ebay mantis egg cases

    ebay mantis eggs I bought from a seller who had the 'buy now' option. I think it was about 10 bucks for 15 oothecas which produced hundreds of mantises each. Sorry, I can't remember the sellers name.
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