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    Killer almonds??!!

    Hi Guys, I haven't posted for awhile because a new member from another country was really a real jerk! Had to take a break, since this guy should have been reprimanded! But I guess thats the way it is? Anyway , I have started a hornworm colony I started from your blog guidelines. The...
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    Reptipro 6000 STAY AWAY

    Oh I am so sorry Nosy. The eggs and then your boy. : ( I have a nosy be boy too. which I love dearly. When he has babies if you will allow me to I will give you one of his babies. You can see Tiamat in my albums and PM me if you are interested. This is why I have not invested in an incubator...
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    Baby male and female chameleons same cage/seperated

    I have a male that doesn't seem to mind other males. In that I mean he doesn't gape or puff when he sees males or females. He is right next to another male's cage but when I move the barrier to clean cages he just does care the other male is there. He is about 7 months old now. A wonderful and...
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    Wild birds: Protect your chameleons outside.

    I live in semi-rural PA and the Starling here are awful. We have all kinds of birds including hawks and falcons. But I never leave my chams out unsupervised for fear of one of these black demon birds swooping down and taking them. Starlings can get quite large. Certainly big enough to take a...
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    Enclosure in the wall.

    Please Please I know it's a lot of trouble, but we would be so grateful if you share a step by step photos including planting this wonderful showcase. I personally would love to have my son build one for my chams but I need to show him what I want. Many thanks!
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    Enclosure in the wall.

    Frank, Don't be so modest. Both your viv and this one are both exceptional : ) Works of art for living works of art!
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    P. grandis ( Giant day Gecko ) Female

    Bump Anyone have an adult they would sell?
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    In need of a new cricket supplier

    Used to be a place only about 20 miles from where I live. I'd just drive up there and the Indonesian guy would literally scoop out 1000 crickets for me. Got to know him. Gave me a tour of the entire facility. Really interesting. Nice guy too. Could barely speak English but very nice. Then one...
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    Scratching at the ceiling-driving me crazy!!

    Sometimes if we can't go outside because of bad weather I just leave the cage doors open(with my supervision of course). This seems to make them chill out a bit. No one ever climbs out (yet) They just sit there and look at me like " Now that's what I'm talkin' about? " LOL Like Olympia said...
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    homemade hornworm chow

    I like Dave's recipe. I'm going to start raising my own hornworms and was doing a search the other day. Here's one I found from a past posts here at the forum. Either way they are perishable. That's the downside of make it yourself. But they look healthier.
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    Scratching at the ceiling-driving me crazy!!

    Fog, You hit this right on the head. Memphis my year old Ambilobe loves to be held. But loves loves to go outside even more! He has a habit of climbing the cage door when he sees me, but since it's gotten nice out and we go outside often, he now has started doing exactly what Bunny describes...
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    Other Reptile Species?

    Luv my MGD Gecko!
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    Hi Jim, Memphis ( Bane's Brother) is doing exactly the same thing. He climbs the door to get out as soon as he sees me. If it's nice out we go out to the tree if not I put him in his indoor free-range tree. This seems to settle him down a bit then he's OK with going back into the habitat for...
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    P. grandis ( Giant day Gecko ) Female

    Wanted Female P. grandis Day Gecko Looking for an adult or sub-adult- no hatchlings Please contact me via PM or at [email protected] with reasonable price + ship costs ( please include photos ) so I can see it is a female Thanks
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    Tender Moments

    Jasper and Sophie
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