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    Jackson chameleon snotty stuff hanging on plant, fair warning pictures inside

    it was , he is my first chameleon , im a leopard gecko , crested gecko, and dragon veteran but this is new to me and i like it!!!
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    Jackson chameleon snotty stuff hanging on plant, fair warning pictures inside

    thats it , thanks alot im glad it wasnt anything crazy lol.
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    Jackson chameleon snotty stuff hanging on plant, fair warning pictures inside

    So I usually see poop answer such after the fact but found this hanging looks like he his very hydrated? I just wanted to know if this is normal stuff or should I be more concerned?
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    is this harmful to my cham?

    In my humble opionion try baking your limbs first in your oven 200 degree's for about 5 hours. You do need to monitor it as to not cause any accidental fires. It will dry up the sap, kill bugs "parasites" and age the wood. And this green goo. Im getting old i guess i cant realy see it in...
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    Help please!

    i think your temp might be to low is 73 what the temprature is at the bottom of your enclosure or the top. That could very well be an issue. Temperature: Baby/juvenile (<9 months): ambient 72-80F (22-26C), basking 85F (29C) Adult males: ambient 75-80F (23-26C), basking 90-95F (32-35C) Adult...
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    Odd thing about my Jackson

    Im not sure if anyone's else's chameleons do this or not. This is my first and he is a hoot. But he stays all nice and green all the time except while basking he gets abit darker. Wich i read they did that to help absorb more eat no biggie there. But everytime he goese to get water he turns...
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    new guy

    i added some fake hanging vines to the top to add some more vegitation to the enclosure. He realy seems to like that. Thanks for the advice.
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    Wanted to share my Sleeping jackson

    I am realy happy with my buddy here he seems to like his new enclosure alot.
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    New Yemen Chameleon Goes dark on contact/handling

    Im rather new to the chameleon's , I have a Jackson's chameleon . But I am pretty sure that handling was suppose to be minimal, that could be just the type that i have. It does sound like that you haven't really given him/her a chance to adjust to her surroundings before taking another step...
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    My Jackson's Cham

    Awesome Jackson , if your looking for variety try some silk worms, and some bb flies to change things up. I'm rather new here as well but already learned a lot from these folks.
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    new guy

    Thanks Chano, I appreciate you taking the time to look it over and the input.
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    Curious: obviously you love chams but what other vocation do you have?

    I am a Locksmith, Electrician and a few other things, I love to learned just never applied anything i learned in college lol. I enjoy playing the guitar , painting, and drawing. But the first thing on my List of who i am and what i do for fun, Is my kids I absolutely love playing with them ...
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    new guy

    link to finished product I will have to make a stand then to get him higher. And i could add some motorized fan vents to move more air. The tile and such would be horrid to cut now. here is the finished product.
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    new guy

    Hey there im happy to find a active community that have the same intrest that i have. Me and my wife own several diffrent reptiles. I recently made a new chameleon enclosure , and well just wanted a chance to show it off 8). I look forward to thumbing threw all the forums and pictures here...
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