Odd thing about my Jackson


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Im not sure if anyone's else's chameleons do this or not. This is my first and he is a hoot.

But he stays all nice and green all the time except while basking he gets abit darker. Wich i read they did that to help absorb more eat no biggie there. But everytime he goese to get water he turns realy dark kinda odd. Im noticing its not his anger "patern" wich i have learned is dark with kinda cream triangles on his sides, realy kewl but i hope he has to never be mad again lol.

So i was curious anyone else's chameleon turn kinda dark when drink water from leaves and such in the tank?

Solid Snake

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They can often feel stressed when drinking. They like alot of privacy during that time for some reason. If hes new and still settling in and all, he may just be stressed. Alot of times people wont see them drinking for a long time because they are too nervous to do so while youre watching.

Could also be a temp thing if hes getting wet, and/or the water is likely dropping his internal temp to some extent.
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