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    Nosy Faly Eggs!

    Five have hatched and one more on the way that is opening up now. I'm already worried about one of the little buggers, but we'll keep our fingers crossed. Its eyes look exactly like :eek: ... Makes my heart sink and think the stress of coming in from the wild with a belly of eggs and parasites...
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    Which Roach is better???

    Maybe you're one of the few people that needs to stick to crickets and worms... :p
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    Taking the Bad with the Good...

    My thoughts are with you. I know you've done everything you can, but some things don't turn out how you want. That's why you have cute babies!
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    How to Delete Account

    With V. Bulletin, you can't really delete your account (screws up the threads and quotes). You can choose to not use it or ask a moderator to change your password to something you don't know so you can't access your account. You can also do something to get yourself banned (your account sill...
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    Without knowing your setup, this is really a difficult question for anyone. How low is your humidity? I'm with Jannb on the humidifier. But there are simpler, less expensive, ways. A few suggestions in the blind then, if you're not already doing so: Use live plants. Mist the screen as...
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    What the Heck is this!? Dubia ?

    Ya, but after that you'd have probably tasted it. :eek: What did those antibiotics taste like again? :D
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    Happy Birthday Brad!!!!!

    Happy Birthday bro! Hope you have a great day... doing anything special?
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    blue bar ambilobe

    Every chameleon is different, but here are a few threads that might help you out:
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    Congrats! Can't wait to see how they turn out... door prizes at SBCK?? :D
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    NARBC Pictures :)

    That Ambanja looks like Dr. Gonzo (one of Ryan Jarosek's) and my favorite Ambanja ever... But I wasn't at the show so you may have some inside information. Were there a lot of Chameleons/Chameleon vendors?
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    I have poop questions... lol

    I just don't think we've looked at this enough yet. That's a big piece of crap... thanks Dave, I just ate dinner. :D
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    Confused about gutloading All joking aside, I feed crickets fresh vegetables and cricket Crack all the time. They are always ready to be fed off to a hungry mouth. A wet gut load would definately help with hydration of the crickets and the chameleons. Hope all is well!
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    Our Habitats - A Pictorial Overview

    Hi Lisa! Our habitats aren't against a wall. I'll show you a picture of the "behind the scenes" mess. Since they aren't against the wall in the back, we get plenty of ventilation. We don't hand mist, so I don't know what to tell you about your predicament. I bet you do have a lot of...
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    Our Habitats - A Pictorial Overview

    You're a funny guy Professor Booty!! How well do you think it will catch water if it isn't able to be underneath it? :D Water on the sides is bad... very bad unless you can get it onto the bottom of the cage you'll have water in places you don't want. Angle the misters/drippers so it doesn't...
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    Nosy Faly Eggs!

    Yup and that they are fertile... we'll see if they start growing any mold. Even if they aren't Faly's they will be *something* :cool:
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