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    Safe to Feed/Handle?

    When i opened my bag, the stench of all the bugs in there was horrible, i thought it was entirely because of the larvae thingys
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    Safe to Feed/Handle?

    Me too! Its the worm thing i was talking about! So is it safe or what?
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    Safe to Feed/Handle?

    Hey, i was wondering about something i found in my bag of crickets. Everytime i buy crickets from a petstore there are little Black worm like bugs that are crawling around in there. I have no idea what they are or if they are poisenous or dangerous to my cham. Some of them have a little fur on...
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    Chameleon and frog anscestory?

    I was wondering if frogs were at all related to chameleons in any way. I never noticed this before, but both chameleons and frogs can shoot their tongues out to catch prey. Does anyone have any information of a common anscestor or something?
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    How old is too old?

    I didnt know you could control the amount of eggs they laid, thats neat
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    is it possible to cross breeed

    They all had a common ancestor, but now they have grown so far apart that they cant breed anymore
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    How old is too old?

    Well i didnt say i was going to. I just wanted to know if there was a certain age that chameleons stopped being able to reproduce
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    How old is too old?

    I was wondering for chams (and most lizards in general), how old is TOO old to breed? Can a 2 year old male mate with a 5+ year old female? Or is there a certain menopause like thing that chams go through
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    Can this be fed?

    Those are some nice pictures!!!
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    Little dripper is a big waste of money?

    Today i saw the little dripper at petco and it was 13 dollars!!! Its just a stupid plastic jar with a hole and a straw!!! What do you guys think?
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    My friend needs advice!!!

    He just found the cham, but the snake is still loose somewhere
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    My friend needs advice!!!

    I think kingsnakes eat mice and lizards. The snake may have been missing for a few days prior because he was out of town. So this may be a bad situation
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    My friend needs advice!!!

    Today one of my friends left his baby panther on a perch in his living room and when he checked back on him, the cham was missing. It also turns out that the kingsnake he bought from the reptile auction a few weeks ago also escaped his aquarium! Do you guys have any tips on how he should handle...
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    Will a 3-4 mnth old still eat fruit flys? cricket size?

    He should have moved on from fruit flies, thats like baby food. As for crickets, depending on how big your cham is, you should be feeding 1/4 or 1/2 inch
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    Is this a normal size poop??

    Breeder. And this turd is about 2 times the size of my babies leg, itwas :cool:
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