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Hey, i was wondering about something i found in my bag of crickets. Everytime i buy crickets from a petstore there are little Black worm like bugs that are crawling around in there. I have no idea what they are or if they are poisenous or dangerous to my cham. Some of them have a little fur on them, but they dont look like caterpillars. Today i bought like 100 crickets and there were about 10-20 of these black worms in there, which is pretty nasty. Anyone know what they are?
I got one of those before! I think it was from petco, I saw a little black furry thing crawling around in the egg carton. I was like wtf? I didn't feed it to him though because I didn't know what it was. Sorry, no pics from me.
Maybe they put them in there to eat the crickets that die as an attempt to keep other crickets from dying from the smell dead crickets give off?
Yep, alot of cricket breeders do that, the dermestids will eat dead crickets.
I dont think the dermestid would hurt your cham if eaten, but im not sure how much nutrition they might provide. :)

Creepy but harmless.

When i opened my bag, the stench of all the bugs in there was horrible, i thought it was entirely because of the larvae thingys
I don't feed them off. They eat dead things, which usually have bacteria growing on them, so I think it's best to not use them personally.

The stink was probably just from dead crickets and excrement. Dead crickets smell like sewage...
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