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    Wrecking ball chameleon

    Oh goodness I needed that laugh!
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    My cat

    I'm not having much luck finding what I was looking for but same stating almost the same thing as putting things that belonged to your cat outside and he might pick up his own scent to follow home
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    My cat

    I'm very sorry your cat has gone missing :( I know my heart dropped when my Soltera got out. I dont know if you tried but some places suggest leaving food and water out for the cat and it might help them come home. Or putting like oil from canned chicken or tuna in a bowl attracts them too. I'm...
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    My new baby :)

    Such a cutie!
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    Show me your veileds!! :)

    Sorry for the double post but this picture shows off his colours better in natural light! :)
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    Show me your veileds!! :)

    My little guy Pascal :)
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    Actually some to think about it as well, I don't know how much it would help depending on the set up, but at least at Petsmarts here, They sell things you hook up to areas you don't want cats going near. I think it's just water or something. It's supposed to be motion sensor and will spray as...
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    Chameleon in living room

    My cham is in the living room as well, come nighttime I just put a soft blanket over his terrarium and no problems :) then the cats are in the bedroom and sleep with me at night:D
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    I have 3 cats in my apartment. I love my kitties and cham to death and while my cats do not care at all of him being there, he a giant vertical enclosure to easily hide himself away and the latches are extremely tight (sometimes I struggle to open it!) I got lucky as my cats do not care but one...
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    Very colorful female

    Those colours really are gorgeous!:)
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    Karl the Veiled

    He's an extremely beautiful guy!:)
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    I Guess I Got Lucky with My Veiled

    I haven't had Pascal for long but he's warmed up really fast to me. But only me cause I'm the bringer of food and free range time xP He usually chills with me on my computer but I've had him in his enclosure for awhile cause I got him a new huge one and he's trying to settle into it ^-^
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