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    Building a tree...

    Xmas tree stand Hey maybe you could try these small xmas tree stands.
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    Cool Vid of Gecko saving Gecko from snake

    Dont know if this is a repost, but thought it was pretty cool.
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    Sad news today...

    You should threaten them with small claims court...see their reactions. Maybe even possibly go through with sueing them.
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    she has mbd

    It looks like it might be too late for this little guy. I suggest fixing the source of the problem first.
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    Building a custom enclosure (work log)

    No, these are very nice colors for a veiled. I just realized this was a relatively old thread and I got to see your cham after two months. Nice job!
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    Does he look healthy to you?

    Dont feed them spinach, it can be bad for your chameleon.
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    light question

    This fixture would work fine. The thing is that the normal tube lights dont give off much heat, so would mostly function as extra light. You still may need a heat source. (Get thermometer to be sure) And you actually want the heat light and UVB light together, some people make the mistake...
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    My first cage (building)

    Lookin good, your cham will definitely enjoy the space.:D
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    One Beautiful MALE Veiled Chameleon and every accessory you need!!! (Asking $250)

    Ok so had some interest but nothing for lowering the price to $200 OBO
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    My first cage (building)

    Hey, didnt have time to read the entire thread, so am not sure if the issue has been addressed yet... In your picture you have the heat light on the right and UVB in the middle. Keep in mind that the chameleon cannot tell the difference between the lights and will go for the heat. Since...
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    What the Heck is this thing!!!

    Yea, my friend said shes seen one 3 inches big before. And I did see its huge mandibles. This one is a little smaller than a AA-Battery. I have in a cricket keeper with 5 crickets and some greens. Hopefully he will gutload with one of the two. haha Ill try and feed him to my cham tomorrow...
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    What the Heck is this thing!!!

    Ok so just figured out its a Jerusalem Cricket or "Potato Bug". This thing is pretty disgusting though... It comes from the cricket family, so im assuming it is safe. Anyone know for sure?
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    What the Heck is this thing!!!

    Was digging through the yard today and stumbled upon this thing. Couple questions... What the heck is it? and Can I feed it to my Cham? :)
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    Humidity control switching plug

    Unfortunately I do not...Ive actually been trying to find it for myself as well. All I know is that it was on some European site and I think the guy was from Germany or of the two. This was about a year ago. The hard part would be doing the sensors though..then some computer fans..
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