What the Heck is this thing!!!


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Yes they are a safe feeder, I personally have not fed or found one but I have read on the forum that people have:) I knew it was part cricket lol:p I was typing that the same time you wrote that, lol


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It's a potato bug. They have pretty strong biting mouth parts, so use caution. Depends on how small it is I guess, and how big your cham is. They can get huge! Then they are scary!


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Yea, my friend said shes seen one 3 inches big before. And I did see its huge mandibles. This one is a little smaller than a AA-Battery.
I have in a cricket keeper with 5 crickets and some greens. Hopefully he will gutload with one of the two. haha
Ill try and feed him to my cham tomorrow. My cham should be able to handle him no problem. Ill take some pics.


looks like one of them new hybrid crickets cricket keepers are making now or the markings. they are the new ones that don't die off like the normal ones do like when you get a box of a 1000 and then a few days later you start seeing more and more dead bodies. these are suppose to be hardy and better life spans.
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