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    Do I buy blue or pink cham toys?

    How do you tell the difference between male and female pygmy chams? Anyone know? I have 2 veiled's and know about the spur on the male's feet, but what about pygmy's? Here is my new little guy, he's supposed to be a male. But how do I know for sure?
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    My new friend...Sluggo. He's ADORABLE!

    So you have some of these sweet little guys?
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    My new friend...Sluggo. He's ADORABLE!

    Sorry, it took me a minute or two to realize I forgot the pics! Duh.
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    My new friend...Sluggo. He's ADORABLE!

    Oops...forgot to attach pictures! Here you go.
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    My new friend...Sluggo. He's ADORABLE!

    Here's my new baby...Sluggo. (He reminds me of a little slug with legs.) I just got him this weekend. He is VERY friendly, contrary to popular belief. I was told pygmys "drop dead" if you try to hold them!! That couldn't be further from the truth. He actually prefers to craw on my hand as...
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    Beautiful day in Georgia today

    Must be nice! Beautiful chams and beautiful photos. It's 2pm here and we have 7 degrees!!! (Spokane WA.) My chams are tucked away in my nice warm office though! Merry Christmas!
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    Any Pygmy owners out there?

    Thanks so much. I have the perfect place in my living room to "display' him. (I'm just getting one.)
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    Any Pygmy owners out there?

    Thanks for your great input and the link! I am only going to get one so I won't need to worry about the breeding problem. (Even if I did have a problem with breeding, I am totally ready since I have 81 fertile veiled eggs right now. ;) ) I also have all the lighting, and small encloser for...
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    Any Pygmy owners out there?

    I am the proud owner of 2 veiled chams. One male, one female and 81 fertile eggs. I saw my 1st pygmy cham yesterday and fell in love with it. I didn't buy it, but I can't stop thinking about him so I might have to go back and get him today.:o My question is how are their personalities...
  10. Phantom no l

    Phantom no l

  11. "it Is I, The Phantom"

    "it Is I, The Phantom"

    Phantom of the Opera photo contest
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    Help, my veiled won't open her rt. eye!

    I have a 1 year old female veiled. I've had her since she was only about 2 months old. Excellent health. Today I noticed she is keeping her right eye closed. She will slowly & barely open it for just a split second, but for the most part, it almost looks like it's painful to open it. I have...
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    when to remove unfertile eggs?

    Anyone out there?
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    when to remove unfertile eggs?

    Hello. About a month ago my female veiled laid 65 eggs. Her & the male copulated approx. 3 weeks prior to that so I am hoping most of them are fertile. I have been told by several members that for her 1st clutch usually only about 1/2 are fertile. Is that true? It has now been a little over a...
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    veiled behavior problems??

    I have 2 veileds and they both were fiesty like that when they were small. They have both pretty much grown out of it. My female used to bite me so hard it left perfect little triangle marks on my skin! Just be patient, hopefully he will chill out a little with time.
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