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    My favorite enclosure

    Very jungley.
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    Greedy positions

    I don't know about greedy positions but this is the "I could care less that it's Friday'
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    Facing inside the cage??

    My guess would be she's taking in the view. When I added backdrops to my enclosure my male veil did the same thing and he's fine except now he only can see the kitchen. Lol
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    Aquarium used as a chameleon cage

    I don't see why not if you can get the air to flow. Like illustrated above. ^ If that's all you have and don't really want to spend the money on something else to take up more room.
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    Eating Chameleons?

    So someone eats a Chameleon and we have five pages of entertainment! My kinda place. Lol
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    Wow! That's amazing you have that many...I'm from Jersey but I would definitely have taken you up on the offer if I live in Beaumont.
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    Who's hoarding the silkworms!? I had 100 but just fed off my last one. Albert is going to be pissed.
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    Any acceptable fountains to stimulate drinking?

    My father is 84 and his cat is 13 and has been drinking out of the right sink of the his and her vanity in the bathroom. For 13 years continously he has had the faucet set to a slow drip, I've replaced drains twice and recently had to replace the sink altogether. Lol
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    Dehydrated chameleon help

    Nice Chameleon! You can place the cup on top of your enclosure. If you have to, drill a small hole large enough for the water to drip down to your desired location. This can be an easy way for you to know where to place the cup every time you fill it.
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    Any acceptable fountains to stimulate drinking?

    I've had Albert for about 6 months and I've never seen him drink. I know he's hydrated because of his sac he leaves behind. I also have had bad luck with the diy drip cup, no matter how small I make the hole water just streams out. I rely on my mist king and the crappy Fluckers cup which lasts...
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    February 2021 Photo Contest

    Everyone here has really cool Chameleons. It's hard to pick only one. It's like asking what's your favorite song.
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    February 2021 Photo Contest

    New guy here just wanting to post a picture of my leaf eating curmudgeon.
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    New guy.

    Albert says, " Mornin'...I'm gonna eat these leaves whether you like it or not!"
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    New guy.

    Thank you! Always open for good advice. There is no need to hold him, we all accepted that rule.
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    New guy.

    Thank you! Happy to be here as well! This place is full of great information and members!👍
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