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    New Panther ID

    My guess is Ambilobe.
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    Trade Offer

    Food for thought. Pythons can live up to 30 years. Are you willing to commit to that?
  3. Mr.Freeze


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    New panther owner questions!!! Help!

    A 18x18x36 cage is fine for an adult male panther.
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    Male Panther Locale

    I would guess Nosy Be or Faly.
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    To prevent injury to the tongue, try hand feeding the Hornworms. They have a very strong grip. Sometimes even I struggle to remove them.
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    Mr. Freeze @ 7 months old Mr. Freeze is 7 months old and has been in my care for 4 months. His sire is Ulrezaj from Kammerflage.
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    Artificial Trees for Free Ranging

    I got mine from Amazon.
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    No poop :(

    3 days is nothing. I wouldn't be concerned unless its been weeks. Feed him some horn worms or silk worms and that will get things going for sure.
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    Chameleon is losing color!

    Kammerflage Kreations had a chameleon turn all white in a similar fashion. It only lasted for a period of time before the colors returned. Hopefully, yours will do the same.
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    New Arrival

    He has an awesome face!
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    Male Adult Panther suddenly not shooting tongue properly.

    I've had similar experiences with one of mine. I think mine had a short lived vitamin deficiency (Vit A). I supplemented two days in a row with a multivitamin and his tongue returned to normal. It could be a tongue strain or injury. In this case I would suggest just waiting a week or so and...
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    Pictures of Nosybes :D

    Here is my Nosy Be "Mr. Freeze", from Kammerflage.
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    Cham not pooping

    If you can get some Hornworms, they will make him poop within a day or two.
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    How many chameleons are on CF?

    1 Ambilobe 1 Nosy be (163)
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