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    Cage Cleaning Frequency gotta have a life.
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    Lighting for the noob

    Whoa braddah leave em in for da kine...say 5-10 minutes with a plant so he dont get beat to death! I miss that L&L!!!! And the opihi from the reef! Aloha!
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    Yellow Schefflera?

    I had to buy my mother a few umbrellas and they too were of the yellow variety. I thought it was because they were ill, but it turns out they were fine.Old yellers.
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    Lighting for the noob

    Shedding for jacksons is something you may have to help on. I use a soft bristle tooth brush to get excess or hard to remove skin. And loads of shower time. If you are concerned with exactly how long you must mist before a Jackson starts to the shower and time it. Sounds odd, but I...
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    Yup the 5.0 is the run of the mill. It depends on a few different things as far as placement enclosure is huge so I run the basking light if needed on the top, the UVB off to the side about a foot and some change down. But I do use a small outdoor enclosure with a small umbrella plant...
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    Eyelid Swelling

    My vet was too short with me, I am going to the "herp" vet who only deals with reps tomorrow. He was somewhat knowledgable even over the phone, he asked good questions..what plants,temps, discharge if any, things that...well made sense to diagnose a problem. He will cost me more, but well worth...
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    New Cage

    Rust needs to be primed..rustoleum...and walmart sells a rubber coating the automotive rhinolining in a can. But I agree, keep it temporary.
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    Eyelid Swelling

    I used turtle eye drops, the swelling is apparently a vitamin A deficiency Im sure you have heard of. If the drops dont work in a week then the vet has gotta earn their check. They even sell a spray vitamin supplement made by zilla it beats dusting...just spritz the worm,cricket,etc snd let him...
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    2%UVB and mesh penetration?

    They live in the dark in the wild? I never heard of chams not wanting the natural sun to a certain degree. Plant foliage gives them cover, if you are worried, I dont mean 12 hours hour or two perhaps...I dont own pygmys personally but to say they dont like the sun is odd...IMO.
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    2%UVB and mesh penetration?

    depends on how fine of mesh we are talking. 5.0 is usually fine, the sun is best.
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    Cold weather Jackson's

    Freezing temps in Hawaii? I lived there 14 years and never...EVER had freezing temps. Unless you are on the big island in the mountains where once or twice they get snow for a short while. Jacksons like a good temp gradient. I live in Colorado now and it gets cold enough during the summer, but a...
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    What age/size is it safe to shower a veiled?

    I use a flex shower head, and if you dont have the multi-misting style head, yes, bounce it of the wall.
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    how to feed chameleons fruit.

    I did strawberries several times, just pegged it on a branch, the crickets swarmed to it and he in turn gobbled them up. I usually chop up stuff into fine mini-french fry style and place them on his vines...sometimes he grubs em...sometimes not.
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    Building my first cage

    1/4 inch galvanized steel mesh, keeps in mid/large crickets, if you are crafty get some of the smaller screen mesh and tack it in place around the lower region to keep the bugs from escaping as much. Dont let the wood work fool you, yes I have experience with wood...from high school. And it took...
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    Shopping for New Camera

    I agree with the ebay, my coworker got hammered with a refurbed canon and they claimed to be authorized dealer...they werent and the 600 he blew on it was the seller. But I disagree with the megapixels, if you actually plan to take photos on a different, albeit professional level...
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