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    My new cage any suggestions?

    What size is your cage? And where did you find the stand or did you build it? It looks like it fits perfect
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    Cork Background

    Hmm Yes bacteria. I just wanted something that looked a bit nicer. and yes i was going to use a sheet of cork board (like bulletin board) I guess I can just slop on some silicone and do the coconut bark thing again. I hope to have the mist aimed at the plants a bit more than the background...
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    Cork Background

    Has anyone had any experience with using cork as a background in their enclosure? I have just bought a 2x2x4 from LLL and am planning to cut a piece of plexiglass for the back wall ( to keep in a bit of humidity because of where I live it gets cold, and also to protect the wall from misting)...
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    Online supplier Of crickets (Canadian)

    I just got an email from Canadian Silkworms the have opened a new online store Although I haven't used any online feeder store yet, I think they will be my first
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    andy bernard

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    Vancouver area feeders

    yeah, no one from the states will ship live feeders to canada i guess it makes sense thanks! im going to email them now
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    Vancouver area feeders

    Anyone have any places where they get a variety of feeder insects to bulk up my veilds diet?? I have called quite a few stores and I can only find places that have mealworms and cricket, and the occasional wax or super worm. With the way shipping costs are rising these days I think I need to...
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    DIY cabinet home

    I used a utility knife to cut some grooves in
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    DIY cabinet home

    Interior is 1.5 x 2.5 x 3.5, I know its smaller than most, but we live in a studio loft right now, so there's not much room The exterior is non-toxic satin, and the inside is a clear coat finish to allow water to flow down it
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    DIY cabinet home

    A month or so ago I bought an old bookshelf cabinet and turned it into a new home for AndyBernard. He was quickly growing out of his first home. It took a while to find the right size I was looking for, I wanted it to fit with our existing pieces in the living room. I got a large piece of...
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    Here's Johnny!

    real nice photo!
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    Chamaeleo gracilis (or quilensis?)

    those look so great! i love the patterns on the second little guy
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    Where do u buy your crickets?

    Any Western Canadian online suppliers that are good? I have to drive 45 minutes to pick them up and its getting too much Thanks
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    building my own viv

    Im doing the same thing, im experimenting with some clear coat on the inside walls to make it more water resistant. I added a bottom sheet of plexi-glass on an angle leading to a drain to let water flow out. I wanted to make the background some Styrofoam rocks, Im testing covering ti with some...
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