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    Hi Heika, I use the following timer with my humidifier and uv light: I have the single and dual setup, each click setting is a 15 minute run time. Hope this helps. Rick
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    thanks Brad.. FateX - i use a regular humidifier and we have dry heat here year around in the desert, it keeps it around 45-67% depending on how long I run it. Hope this helps... Rick
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    One thing I have learned... A pool cleaning hose works well for plugging into the humidifier and is flexible.
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    Hi Brad, I saw you pic on the humidifier. Can you please take closer pic of the bottom of your cage. I like how you did the grate and want to steal your idea. Thanks, Rick
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    my dog

    I have all of you beat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just kidding....
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    WER Gutload

    Just ordered 5 pounds today.. Thanks Jason!!! Rick
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    New Contest Phase?

    I agree with ChameleonTree - Sponsors should be offered the opportunity to be the judge(s).. IMHO, there should be a cap on the number of entries and you can not vote for yourself or not permitted to vote..
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    New 1st Place prize

    too funny :D
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    My spot.

    Pretty cool pic. :D
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    Favorite indoor plant for chameleons

    Very interesting.. I always thought Jasmine was poisonous. It does have a milky substance when you cut it. I do know that the night blooming and star Jasmine will make you sick. It made my dog real sick…. I guess better safe...
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    Favorite indoor plant for chameleons

    Tough poll... I have Ficus and Hisbiscus. The Ficus is strong but....looses lots of leafs each day.
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    I use room temperature water. My panther seems to like it, he will stand on his hind legs and do a dance. weird...:rolleyes:
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    USPS no longer a shipping option?

    I had the same problem recently. The vendor said it was because of my zip code and I would have to use UPS or Fedex.
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    Silk Worms

    Will Hayward, Where did you order your silk worms from? Thanks, Rick
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    Just for Fun

    Pretty cool. almost gave up... :eek:
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