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Hi Brad,
I saw you pic on the humidifier. Can you please take closer pic of the bottom of your cage. I like how you did the grate and want to steal your idea.

I don't have any better photos of that setup. You can get a better idea of what I was doing by visiting this recent thread: [THREAD=1226]thread link[/THREAD]. Mine were sold as dish drying racks and only had two sides. I stopped using this method after only a couple months because I found my chameleon under the wire and he was stressed and confused about how to get out; possible drowning was another concern. I also added an automated system at this time and needed better drainage. I now collect water underneath the cage.
could a warm mist humidifier work in a room where chameleons are to increase the humidity , i was thinking since i will be using a electric heater its gonna make the air dry and i need a way to keep the room humidity about 55%
thanks Brad..

FateX - i use a regular humidifier and we have dry heat here year around in the desert, it keeps it around 45-67% depending on how long I run it. Hope this helps... Rick
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