i dont know what i did..

Leon passed away recently. A week before it happened he was being his normal self, but as soon as i noticed that he wasn't drinking as much as he was, i took him to a chameleon vet in my area. I gave them his poop and pee from that day to see what was wrong. He was being very lethargic all of a sudden on our way to the vet and i was a crying mess because i knew that this was something bad. The vet said something was obviously wrong but the signs out side of him point that he should have been healthy. I took him outside all the time so he can bask, his crickets and everything was gut loaded, he had a cage that went up to my shoulder and he can come out whenever he wanted to to climb on the trees. I always made sure his temperatures were fine and I knew his stressed signs and colors and didn't bother him when he was. The vet said they will get the medicine and the results tomorrow so we went back home. Leon meant everything to me, he made me so happy and every time i came on here and saw someone said i should do something to make his life better, i added it and did it within a week or less. I wanted him to have the best longest life and i always thought that if he died young then it would be my fault and i would never forgive myself because i wasn't ready to take care of one. I still feel like that, but i tried so hard and i had a chameleon "expert" give me tips and i always called him whenever i was paranoid about him being sick or anything, he never was. The next morning, he was hanging by his tail, dying. My dad and my mom and all of us scrambled to get him some towels to lay on with the heat on him we were constantly misting and trying to feed him and give him water as we waited for the results, we even called early. I held him in my hands as he died. Im very young, and i'm sure there will be much harder moments in my life, but this so far has been the most difficult time of my life, he was my son, and i loved him so so much. The vet called an hour later and told us nothing was wrong and he should have made a full recovery, but that wasn't the case. My family told me it wasn't my fault, but i know it was something i did or didn't do that caused this. He was one the happiest chameleon ive ever seen, he was never his sad colors and loved to lay on me, i would try and put him on a tree or a plant but sometimes he would just want to relax on me like i was the tree, sometimes if i was taking pictures he would photobomb and climb on my camera. Caring for Leon was the best experience of my life and i will never forget him, some people said he was a runt or that he was small for a 2 year old, but he was so so strong. Writing this has made me cry and its so hard, but, It has been bothering me since this has happened. I want to know what could have happened because i thought not knowing would help me not feel so bad, but all i feel is guilt and confusion. If anyone has any ideas on what could have happened, please message me. Leon will forever be a big part of my life, and i just wanted the best for him, i'm so devastated i couldn't do that for him and now i just want closure on what i did wrong. This is one of the last videos of him. Theres this one too. Rest in peace Leon, I love you.


Hi there so very sorry for your loss. I know you were wanting answers. You could fill out the how to ask for help form so your husbandry can be reviewed. It may not have been anything you did. But this way you would know if there are areas to improve upon should you decide to get a new little best friend. :) Post it in the forum so everyone can take a look and give you feedback.
Hello, I know this is a couple months ago, but i just went through something very similar. I had a healthy happy Veiled female, I did my best to assure her environment was the best, and living in Georgia I frequent took her outside for natural sun and heat, it is naturally humid here, especially in spring! About a week ago she had a complete loss of appetite, seemed to happen overnight, and then fastly fell downhill. I took her to 2 vets, one was an exotic ER doctor, but sadly last night she passed away after starting treatment for a "imbalance of gut bacteria, the bacteria had reached a very high count". Even with a belly full of nutrients and medicine (force fed) she sadly passed away soon after. I believe she was just too weak to endure the potent medicine. It feels like it all happened so fast, and it is heart wrenching. I just wanted to say I am sorry for your loss and I can relate.

Also, I've read some people use lysol wipes when cleaning their cages, I'm sure they rinse and air out before placing chameleon back in habitat, but I would stay away from lysol when it comes to reptiles. I once used a lysol wipe on the OUTSIDE of a turtle tank, i had them for 2 years and always used hot water and paper towels to spot clean but this day i was deep cleaning the house and just thought a swift wipe with lysol ON THE OUTSIDE was a good idea - the next morning 3 of my turtles had died. One adult and 2 babies. The lysol scents/fume had poisoned them. The lysol wipe was 2 ft away from where they were basking, and on the outside of the enclosure. It never came into direct contact in any way, but the smell/fumes were strong enough to kill them in less then 24 hours. I cannot Express how strongly I feel when I say avoid using lysol or any chemical based cleaning object near any reptile. Hot water and dawn soap is more then efficient and always rinse thoroughly after and air dry. I am not saying you dont know this, or that you dont do this already, I am just sharing a story and opinion. As I know lysol is a big go to among many people.

That all being said, if fumes from a single lysol wipe can cause that amount of harm, i would also be weary of any and all perfumes, disinfectant sprays, candles, air fresheners, etc. [This does not include ones that are specified as "animal and reptile safe" that you can usually find at pet stores, I know there are cleaners and candles that are 100% safe but just not sure of brand/names at the moment. ]

Something as simple as spraying the carpet or couch with febreeze could have unintended consequences. And is something many people do without thinking twice, even from afar chemical fumes are very harmful to reptiles.

Just sharing my experience with rapid reptile death and what caused it. I am sorry for your loss, Leon was a handsome fella. ✌

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