How to Do your Own FECAL FLOAT - VIDEO

Intestinal Parasites are common in chameleons and other reptiles. Wild caught chameleons have a reputation of having intestinal parasites..although this is true , parasites can effect Captive bred as well as Wild caught Chameleon.

A chameleon may have parasites but not show any symptoms until they have advanced too far.. Early detection is key! That is why it is recommended to have a fecal exam every 6 month to a year so you can treat for the parasites before they get out of hand.

Here is a video on how to do your own fecal floats at home.

Items you will need:


Fecal Solution (Fecal-med or Fecalsol)

Eye Dropper Syringe or bottle


Glass Slides and slip covers

Microscope capable of 200x and 400x magnification (the one I use is a celestron 44340)

"Understanding Reptile Parasites" book or a parasite identification chart

A fresh stool sample (Fresher the Better!)
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I decided to be in front of the camera this time.

I had to say that introduction about 7 times because I kept messing up :p
Flea markets or thrift stores are GREAT PLACES to get a microscope.
I've been doing my own tortoise fecal tests for years.
Wow great video! How do you know when there's "too many" parasites, and treatment is needed, as opposed to the regular load that is practically harmless?

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