How to Do your Own FECAL FLOAT - VIDEO

Intestinal Parasites are common in chameleons and other reptiles. Wild caught chameleons have a reputation of having intestinal parasites..although this is true , parasites can effect Captive bred as well as Wild caught Chameleon.

A chameleon may have parasites but not show any symptoms until they have advanced too far.. Early detection is key! That is why it is recommended to have a fecal exam every 6 month to a year so you can treat for the parasites before they get out of hand.

Here is a video on how to do your own fecal floats at home.

Items you will need:


Fecal Solution (Fecal-med or Fecalsol)

Eye Dropper Syringe or bottle


Glass Slides and slip covers

Microscope capable of 200x and 400x magnification (the one I use is a celestron 44340)

"Understanding Reptile Parasites" book or a parasite identification chart

A fresh stool sample (Fresher the Better!)
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I decided to be in front of the camera this time.

I had to say that introduction about 7 times because I kept messing up :p

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