Female Chameleon Care VIDEOS

Just a thought worth sharing:

I always recommend that a female be at least a year old before trying to breed. This is so her body is done growing before putting the burden of laying fertile eggs on her body. She may make eggs earlier but that does it automatically mean she is ready to breed. Some people think, well if she is laying eggs anyway they might as well be fertile!

Here is a photo of a infertile egg from a female never breed and a fertile egg from a bred female. The infertile is smaller and the shell is soft.. easy to pass. The fertile egg is very firm and bigger so harder to pass. So it does make a difference

Receptive Female Chameleon VS Non Receptive Female Chameleon


How to Set up a Laying Bin for a Gravid Female Chameleon



Great videos Dez! Your videos help to save allot of little girls lives. Thank you so much! Jann

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