DIY Drain System

We all know humidity is hey on keeping chameleons. But many of us have the problem that if we mist for too long, water drain becomes an issue. Often enough, people just mists more frequently. But how about when you have a large collection?

I like to keep my chams well hydrated and to achieve this I have a MistKing, running every 2 hours fr 4 minutes each time, 4 times a day. This is a lot of water! So how did I solved the issue?

I'll share with you a simple, non expensive idea. I use Vinyl eavestrough or aka gutters. They are about $6.29 (Home Depot) a piece, very easy to cut and you can buy the end capts there too $8.29 a pair. So for less than $20 you can have the perfect drain system.

So I'll let my pics to speak for them selves, easy to build, you can cut the gutter with a saw.

Pic one shows how I cut the gutter to size and put the end caps, cages are tilted a little bit and about an inch outside the edge of the table.

I drilled a small hole on one end and put a funnel with a hose, the hose goes directly to a drain on the floor. (a bucket can be used to collect the water).

I hope this helps.
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great idea, i will be using a modified version of the idea to drain my enclosures!

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